Urmas Viilma

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The Most Reverend

Urmas Ummi Viilma
Archbishop of Tallinn
Primate of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church
ChurchEstonian Evangelical Lutheran Church
Elected26 November 2014
PredecessorAndres Põder
Ordination2 May 1993 (deacon)
15 September 1998 (priest)
by Einar Soone
Consecration2 February 2015
by Einar Soone
Personal details
Born (1973-08-13) August 13, 1973 (age 50)
SpouseEgle Viilma
MottoCredite in Lucem
Coat of armsUrmas Ummi Viilma's coat of arms
Ordination history of
Urmas Viilma
Diaconal ordination
Date2 May 1993
Priestly ordination
Ordained byEinar Soone
Date15 September 1998
Episcopal consecration
Principal consecratorEinar Soone
Co-consecratorsAndres Põder
Andres Taul
Munib Younan
Michael Jackson
Steen Skovsgaard
Michael Bünker
Date2 February 2015
PlaceSt. Mary's Cathedral, Tallinn

Urmas Viilma (born 13 August 1973) is an Estonian prelate and current archbishop of Tallinn and subsequently Primate of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church.


Viilma was ordained a deacon on 2 May 1993 in St Michael's church in Keila by Bishop Einar Soone. On 15 September 1998 he was ordained a priest in St Mary's Cathedral, Tallinn by Archbishop Jaan Kiivit Junior. On 26 November 2014, he was elected to the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Synod by the archbishop. He was ordained a bishop and was appointed Archbishop on 2 February 2015. He was consecrated by bishop Einar Soone, bishop Andres Taul and bishop Andres Põder.[2]


After ordination as a deacon, Viilma was appointed as deacon in the parish of Keila. The same year he was appointed as deacon in the parish of Parnu-Jacobi, holding this post till 1998. Between 1998 and 2004 he was pastor of Pärnu-Jakobi. He also worked in the Pärnu Provincial Support Office between 1999 and 2003. He was also pastor of the parish of Mihkli, Tõstamaa and Vigala, respectively and simultaneously, between 1999 and 2004. Later he also held various positions within the Lutheran church of Estonia notably the head of the council of the Diocese of Tallinn between 2010 and 2015.[3]


Titles in Lutheranism
Preceded by Archbishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Estonia
Lutheran Primate of Estonia

Succeeded by