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Urmilesh Singh, popularly known by his first name Urmilesh is an Indian journalist, television anchor and author.[1]

He was the executive director of Rajya Sabha TV[2] from 2010 to 2012, and has worked in various Hindi publications like Hindustan and Navbharat Times, among others. He also anchored Media Manthan[3] on Rajya Sabha TV, a media-watch programme about the week's news and its coverage in the media.

Urmilesh completed his M.A. from Allahabad University and received his M.Phil from JNU in 1981.[4]

He has written Hindi books like Christiania Meri Jaan, Kashmir - Virasat aur Siyasat (2006),[5][6] Jharkhand Jadui Zameen Ka Andhera, Bihar ka Sach,[7] Rahul Sankrityayan Srijan Aur Sangharsh, Jhelam Kinare Dahakate Chinar.[8]


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