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Starr 061128-1671 Urochloa mutica.jpg
Urochloa mutica
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Monocots
(unranked): Commelinids
Order: Poales
Family: Poaceae
Subfamily: Panicoideae
Tribe: Paniceae
Genus: Urochloa
Type species
Urochloa panicoides

Urochloa (common name signalgrass)[2] is a genus of plants in the grass family, native to Eurasia, Africa, Australia, Mexico, and the Pacific Islands.[3][4][5][6] Common names include signalgrass.[7][8][9]

  1. Urochloa brachyura (Hack.) Stapf - E + S Africa
  2. Urochloa brizantha (Hochst. ex A.Rich.) R.Webster - native to tropical + S Africa; introduced and widely grown in S America + Pacific
  3. Urochloa echinolaenoides Stapf - Zaïre, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia
  4. Urochloa fusca B.F. Hansen & Wunderlin Browntop signalgrass - southern United States to Argentina
  5. Urochloa glumaris (Trin.) Veldkamp – Thurston grass - southern China, Southeast Asia, Indian subcon, islands of Pacific + Indian Oceans
  6. Urochloa longifolia B.S.Sun & Z.H.Hu - Yunnan
  7. Urochloa mosambicensis (Hack.) Dandy - Africa, Madagascar
  8. Urochloa oligotricha (Fig. & De Not.) Henrard - Africa
  9. Urochloa olivacea Sánchez-Ken - western Mexico (Colima, Nayarit)
  10. Urochloa panicoides P.Beauv. – panic liverseed grass - Africa, southern Asia
  11. Urochloa pauciflora Sánchez-Ken - western Mexico (Jalisco, Michoacán)
  12. Urochloa platyrrhachis C.E.Hubb. - Zambia, Zaïre
  13. Urochloa rudis Stapf - Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania
  14. Urochloa sclerochlaena Chiov - Ethiopia, Kenya
  15. Urochloa setigera (Retz.) Stapf - Indian subcon, southern China, Southeast Asia
  16. Urochloa trichopodioides (Mez & K.Schum.) S.M.Phillips & S.L.Chen - Zaïre, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia
  17. Urochloa trichopus (Hochst.) Stapf - drier parts of Africa, Arabian Pen
  18. Urochloa venosa (Swallen) Morrone & Zuloaga - western Mexico (Michoacán)
Formerly included[10]

Numerous species once considered members of Urochloa but now regarded as better suited to other genera: Alloteropsis Brachiaria Ixophorus Oplismenus Panicum Rupichloa


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