Urquinaona (Barcelona Metro)

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Barcelona Metro rapid transit station
Barcelona Metro - Urquinaona.jpg
One of the line L4 platforms
Location Barcelona
Coordinates 41°23′21″N 2°10′24″E / 41.38917°N 2.17333°E / 41.38917; 2.17333Coordinates: 41°23′21″N 2°10′24″E / 41.38917°N 2.17333°E / 41.38917; 2.17333
Owned by Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona
Structure type Underground
Other information
Fare zone 1 (ATM)
Opened 1926
Preceding station   Barcelona Metro Logo.svg Metro   Following station
toward Fondo
toward La Pau
Urquinaona (Barcelona Metro) is located in Barcelona
Urquinaona (Barcelona Metro)
Location within Barcelona

Urquinaona is a station in the Barcelona Metro network, served by TMB lines L1 and L4. One of the metro stations in the city centre, and one of the busiest, it's located underneath Ronda de Sant Pere and Via Laietana, next to Plaça Urquinaona - after which it is named - in the Eixample. It can be accessed from Plaça Urquinaona and Via Laietana.[1][2][3]

The part of the station currently serving line L4 was opened in 1926 as part of what was then line 3, as a part of the stretch between Passeig de Gràcia and Jaume I. The stretch was later extended to Barceloneta, and in 1973 was made a part of L4. The line L1 platforms were opened in 1932, as a part of the section between Catalunya and Arc de Triomf section.[1][2][4]

The L1 platforms are oriented from west to east and is located under Ronda de Sant Pere. They have three vestibules, two at the eastern side (Plaça Urquinaona) and on at the western side. The transfer to L4 is made through the eastern vestibule,which also serves as the northern vestibule of the L4 platforms. At the lower track level, there are two side platforms approximately 100 metres (330 ft) long each. The tracks served by these platforms are separated from each other by the through tracks of the ADIF line linking Plaça de Catalunya and Arc de Triomf stations, although these are hidden from the platforms by intermediate walls.[2][4]

The L4 platforms are oriented from north to south is located in the meridional direction (north-south). They have vestibules at both ends, the northern one leading to Plaça Urquinaona and the southern one to Via Laietana. The station has two side platforms, each of them 97 metres (318 ft) long.[1][2]

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