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Urraca (also spelled Hurraca, Urracha and Hurracka in medieval Latin) is a female first name. In Spanish, the name means magpie, derived perhaps from Latin furax, meaning "thievish", in reference to the magpie's tendency to collect shiny items. The name may be of Basque origin, as suggested by onomastic analysis.



Urraca may also refer to:

  • Urraca Mesa, a mesa in northern New Mexico on the property of Philmont Scout Ranch, which is the most lightning-struck place in the state and has religious significance to a number of local indigenous tribes
  • Urracá, indigenous freedom fighter of colonial Panama
  • Urracá, Panama, a corregimiento in Panama
  • Urraca, a planned, but cancelled, very high altitude (above 1000 kilometers) nuclear test in the Operation Fishbowl series in 1962.