Urraca of Portugal

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Urraca of Portugal
D. Urraca, Rainha de Leão - The Portuguese Genealogy (Genealogia dos Reis de Portugal).png
Afonso in Genealogy of the Kings of Portugal (António de Holanda, 1530–1534)
Queen consort of León
Tenure 1165–1175
Born c. 1151
Died 1188
(aged 37)
Burial Basilica of San Isidoro
Spouse Ferdinand II of León
Issue Alfonso IX of León
House House of Burgundy
Father Afonso I
Mother Maud of Savoy
Religion Roman Catholicism

Infanta Urraca of Portugal (Portuguese pronunciation: [uˈʁakɐ]; (1151 – 1188) was a Portuguese infanta (princess), daughter of Afonso I, 1st King of Portugal and Queen Maud of Savoy.


Urraca was born at Coimbra. She married Ferdinand II of León (c. 1165) with whom she had Alfonso IX of León. This marriage failed to prevent her father Afonso I from declaring war on Ferdinand after he became his son-in-law. This short war culminated in disaster when Afonso was captured in Badajoz. Perhaps due to his marriage to Urraca, Ferdinand was generous to Afonso, and let him leave. However, the marriage of Ferdinand II and Urraca was annulled in 1175 by the Pope, the two being second cousins, great-grandchildren of Alfonso VI of León and Castile. That this was political in nature is shown by Ferdinand's remarriage to Teresa Fernández de Traba, the half-aunt of Urraca and thus a generation closer to Alfonso VI.

After the dissolution of her marriage, Urraca returned to the court of her father at Valladolid, and died there, aged only 37, nine months after the death of her former husband.


Alfonso VI
León and Castile
of Burgundy
Henry, Count
of Portugal
Theresa, Countess
of Portugal
Fernando Pérez
de Traba
Urraca of
León and Castile
Affonso I
of Portugal
Alfonso VII of
León and Castile
Urraca of
Ferdinand II
of León
Teresa Fernández
de Traba


Preceded by
Richeza of Poland
Queen Consort of León
Succeeded by
Teresa Fernández de Traba