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Urs (from Arabic: عرس‎), is an Arabic word which means Wedding Ceremony whether of a man or a woman. عُرس also has derived words like عروسہ which means a Bride. One of the famous Novel's title is مراة العروس, written by Deputy Nazir Ahmed. مراة العروس means Mirror of Brides. for more clarifications kindly see following pages of Urdu and Arabic Dictionaries.

1- Al-Munjad (المنجد﴿ most Authentic Arabic to Urdu Dictionary page 550. 2- Farhang e Amira Page 420 3- Fahang e Asfiyah Volume 3 Page 268 4- Lughaat e Kishori page 317[1]

There is no authentic mean, which says that URS means Death Anniversary. This misconception is because most of people do not know that actually عرس or Urs of a saint refers to Wedding Anniversary not Death Anniversay. On the other hand some dictionaries referred that Urs means Happiness, in this regard it may be right for sufis only that their saint has went to meat God due to his death, which is not Islamic teaching. It should also be remembered that sufis are not convinced about death of saints, they believe that saints do not die they only go behind the curtain to arrange meeting with Almighty (نعوذ باللہ﴿.

An example of ignorance is that no one knows the exact year of death of Al al HAjvery al Ghaznavi, then how someone could know the month and year of his death. There is no valid or authentic history available against his death or bith date.

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