Ursicinus of Saint-Ursanne

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Saint Ursicinus of Saint-Ursanne
Died c. 625 AD
Venerated in

Roman Catholic Church

Orthodox Church
Major shrine Saint-Ursanne; venerated at Basel, Besançon, and Mainz
Feast December 20
Attributes abbot with three lilies in his hand or holding a book and fleur-de-lys, surrounded by fleur-de-lys
Patronage invoked against stiff neck

Saint Ursicinus (also Hursannus, Ursitz, Oschanne, fl. 600) was an Irish missionary and hermit in the Jura region.


A vita of his is preserved in a redaction of the 11th century. According to this account, he was a disciple of Saint Columbanus at Luxeuil who followed his master when he was banished from Burgundy in 610, but then retired as a hermit in the Doubs valley. Veneration of Ursicinus is attested since the 7th century. In Grandval, a church was dedicated to Ursicinus in 675. By the 11th century, he was part of the local canon of saints of the Besançon diocese. His feast day is on 20 December. Ursicinus' supposed sarcophagus is preserved in St-Ursanne in what is now the canton of Jura in Switzerland.



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