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There are eight residential colleges affiliated with ANU—Bruce Hall, Ursula Hall, Burgmann College, John XXIII College, Toad Hall, Burton & Garran Hall, Graduate House and Fenner Hall.[1]

All are located on campus except Fenner Hall, which is located in the nearby suburb of Braddon.

Bruce Hall[edit]

Burgmann College[edit]

Burgmann from the front lawn.

Burgmann College, established in 1971, it is the only Australian college to combine undergraduate accommodation with a substantial postgraduate student body. It houses 351 students, roughly one-third of whom are postgraduates. Burgmann College is located inside the western corner of the campus, close to the waters of Lake Burley Griffin. The college is named after Ernest H. Burgmann (1885-1967), the progressive Anglican Bishop (of Goulburn from 1934, and Canberra and Goulburn from 1950 to 1960). Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd met his wife Thérèse Rein while both living at the college.

Burgmann College and neighbouring John XXIII College are the only remaining independent residential colleges among the Australian National University's ten halls of residence. Burgmann and John XXIII continue to administer their own admissions processes separate from the university's central clearinghouse for accommodation.[citation needed]

Burton & Garran Hall[edit]

Burton and Garran Hall is a self catered residential college. It houses approximately 515 students and consists of five blocks.
Burton and Garran Hall was originally established as two separate Halls in 1965, and each Hall had separate administration. Both Halls combined in 1983 to form a single residential college.[2] Garran Hall was named after Sir Robert Garran, the first Solicitor-General of Australia. Burton Hall was named after Herbert Burton, who was appointed Principal and Professor of Economic History at Canberra University College in 1949.[3]

Fenner Hall[edit]

Fenner Hall North Tower

Fenner Hall was established in 1992, the residents are a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate and international students. The college is named after Frank John Fenner (1914-2010),[4]

Graduate House[edit]

Graduate House was first established in 1971 and has around 150 graduate student residents.

John XXIII College[edit]

John XXIII College

John XXIII College is an independent hall of residence for 320 undergraduate students, named after Pope John XXIII and was established in 1967.

Toad Hall[edit]

Ursula Hall[edit]

Ursula Hall is a catered residential hall. The hall was founded as an all-female institution in 1968 by the Ursuline Order. In 1971 it became a co-educational college. In 2004, Ursula College became known as Ursula Hall. Notable alumni of the Ursula Hall include Barry O'Farrell who was president of the residents committee.[citation needed]


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