Ursula Karven

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Ursula Karven.

Ursula Karven (born 17 September 1964) is a German actress from Ulm.

Karven has acted in numerous German television films and series.

In 2001, Karven made international headlines when her four-year-old son, Daniel, drowned at a birthday party in the swimming pool of American musician Tommy Lee in Santa Monica.

She was married to James Veres and has two other children. She lived with her family for a few years in Florida and currently lives on the island of Majorca, Spain. As well as acting, Karven markets her own line of baby products and a maternity clothing range called "Bellybutton". Since 2004 she has promoted relaxation exercises called "Power Yoga", which often brings her back to the American West Coast, especially the region around Los Angeles.

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