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Uruca District, the seventh "district" of San José Canton, Costa Rica, comprises an important industrial and commercial area of San José. Commonly known as La Uruca, it's the second biggest district by area (after Pavas), and recognized as a heavily congested transportation hub.

Geography and Demography[edit]

La Uruca is the capital's western entrance. The canton's whole boundary with Heredia Province is confined in this district: Belén, Heredia and Santo Domingo cantons limit with La Uruca on its northern side, as well as San José's Escazú and Tibás. Merced, Mata Redonda and Pavas also border the district.[1] The district had 8.35 km² and 33,849 inhabitants on December 31, 2008 (4,053.77 inhabitants per km².)[2]

District Information[edit]

Uruca district includes the "barrios" (or neighbourhoods) of Alborada, Bajos de Torres, Carpio, Carranza, Corazón de Jesús, Cristal, Finca de la Caja, Florentino Castro, Jardines de Autopi, Las Animas, Magnolias, Marimil, Monserrat, Peregrina, Robledal, Rositer Carballo, Santander, Saturno, Uruca Centro, Vuelta del Virilla and Zona Industrial.


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