Uruguay Assembly

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Uruguay Assembly
Asamblea Uruguay
Leader Danilo Astori
Founded 1994
Headquarters Montevideo, Uruguay
Ideology Social democracy
Fiscal conservatism[citation needed]
Political position Centre
National affiliation Broad Front

The Uruguay Assembly (Asamblea Uruguay) is a social-democratic political party in Uruguay. It is a member organisation of the ruling Broad Front. Its leader is the senator and former minister of economy of Uruguay, Danilo Astori. Nowadays it form part of Liber Seregni Front.


Uruguay Assembly was founded in 1994 by Danilo Astori. It is part of the left-leaning Broad Front coalition but is considered more of a centrist party.



Jota21: Jóvenes Organizados Trabajando en Asamblea (Organised Youth Working in Assembly) is the youth sector of Asamblea Uruguay.

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