Uruguayan Antarctica

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Uruguayan Antarctica

Antártida Uruguaya
Proposed claim on 1973 Coordinates: 0°W 25°W
Proposed claim on 1973
Coordinates: 0°W 25°W
- Summer
- Winter

Uruguayan Antarctica (Spanish: Antártida Uruguaya) is the name given by Professor Julio César Musso to refer to the area of the Antarctica where it is believed that the Oriental Republic of Uruguay should exercise its sovereignty.

It was not assigned a specific definition nor meant a territorial claim, but regarded as an area of natural action of the southern maritime projection of Uruguay.

Uruguay is part of the Antarctic Treaty System as a consulting member.

Uruguayan Antarctica Day[edit]

Bill of 1985[edit]

On May 8, 1985, then-Senator Luis Alberto Lacalle introduced a new bill in order to point a day in the year as the "Uruguayan Antarctica Day" (Día de la Antártida Uruguaya) and promote the study and dissemination of the issue among the younger generations. In the preamble, Lacalle argued that "we have chosen the 28th of August, as the foundation of the Uruguayan Antarctic Institute, inspired by the teachings of Professor Julio C. Musso, has been the area where the Antarctic vocation of our country was born and raised."[1]

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