Uruguayan Championship of the Uruguayan Football Federation

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The Uruguayan Championship of the Uruguayan Football Federation was a football tournament held in Uruguay between 1923 and 1925, during the schism of Uruguayan football.

It was organized by the Uruguayan Football Federation ("Federación Uruguaya de Fútbol" – FUF), entity dissident of the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF), founded after the resignation of AUF of Peñarol and Central occurred during the 1922 Uruguayan championship.

Only two tournaments (1923 and 1924) came to complete, since in 1925 the Uruguayan government intervention to achieve unification interrupted football championship that year.

List of champions[edit]

Uruguayan Football Federation tournaments are not recognized by the Uruguayan Football Association.[1]

Season Champion
1923 Atlético Wanderers[2]
1924 Peñarol
1925 (Not completed)[3]

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  3. ^ In 1925 the federation was diluted.