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Uruguayan Paraguayans are people born in Uruguay who live in Paraguay, or Paraguayan-born people of Uruguayan descent. As of 2007, there were over 1,000 Uruguayans living on Paraguayan territory.[1]

There are lots of Uruguayan-born persons living in Paraguay, for a number of reasons. Both countries share the Spanish language; the historical origins of both nations is common (part of the Spanish Empire until the early 19th century); both countries are members of MERCOSUR, there is no need of special migration documents, and geographical vicinity makes circulation easy.

Uruguayan residents in Paraguay have their own institutions, for instance, the Consultative Council "José Gervasio Artigas" in Asunción.[2][3]

Notable people[edit]

  • José Gervasio Artigas (1764-1850), honored as national hero of the Uruguayans, spent his last 30 years exiled in Paraguay[4]

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