Uruguayans in Sweden

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Uruguayans in Sweden
Total population
(4,000 estimated)
Regions with significant populations
Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö
Spanish language
Swedish language
Predominantly Roman Catholicism

Uruguayans in Sweden are people born in Uruguay who live in Sweden, or Swedish-born people of Uruguayan descent. As of 2013, there were over 4,000 Uruguayans living in Swedish territory.[1]


Being Sweden a very democratic country and a net receiver of immigrants, during the civic-military dictatorship of Uruguay (1973-1985) there were several Uruguayans that went exiled to Sweden; this was possible, among others, much because of Ambassador Harald Edelstam.[1] Nowadays there are many Uruguayans who still live in Sweden.[1]

Uruguayan residents in Sweden have their own institutions, for instance, Casa Uruguay in Malmö[2] and the Consultative Councils in Stockholm and Gothenburg.[3]

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