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Directed byG. M. Kumar
Written byG. M. Kumar
R. P. Viswam (dialogues)
Produced byD. P. Singh
Tarun Jalan
CinematographyVelu Prabhakaran
Edited byA. P. Manivannan
Music byIlaiyaraaja
Prathik Pictures
Distributed byPrathik Pictures
Release date
  • 15 March 1991 (1991-03-15)
Running time
105 minutes

Uruvam (transl. Figure) is a 1991 Indian Tamil-language horror film, directed by G. M. Kumar. The film features Mohan, Pallavi, R. P. Viswam, débutante Veera Pandiyan and Jaimala . The film, produced by D. P. Singh and Tarun Jalan, had musical score by Ilaiyaraaja and was released on 15 March 1991.[1][2][3]


The illegitimate son of a rich man loses a court battle over the palatial house in which he has been living. So he appeals to Bangaru Muni (Sathyajith) and he sets off a devastating black magic attack on the legitimate son Mohan (Mohan) and his family. Mohan lives happily with his wife (Jaimala), his two children, his sister Raasi (Pallavi), his brother-in-law Ashok (Veera Pandiyan) and his wife's sister Meena (Roshini). They all move to the palatial house. Mohan is an atheist who doesn't believe in the supernatural or God. Soon, the family is disturbed by a supernatural spirit unleashed by Bangaru Muni, and the spirit is none other than the dead rich illegitimate person described in the movie's introduction. The spirit in Mohan's body kills his wife, his children and his brother-in-law and even Bangaru Muni, as he threatened him to surrender to God. Finally, Jolna Swamy (R. P. Viswam) comes to their rescue and fights against the evil spirit which is in Mohan's body. Jolna Swamy finally destroys the spirit, but Mohan is sent to a mental asylum, where he grieves for not believing in Almighty God.


  • Mohan as Mohan
  • Pallavi as Raasi
  • R. P. Viswam as Jolna Swamy
  • Veera Pandiyan as Ashok
  • Jaimala as Mohan's wife
  • Sathyajith as Bangaru Muni
  • Moorthy
  • Roshini as Meena
  • Master Krishnaprasad as Mohan's son
  • Baby Swarnalatha as Mohan's daughter
  • Crazy Venkatesh as Venkatesh
  • Vaithyanathan
  • R. T. Madurai Mani
  • Sottai Mani
  • Pandian



After the failure of his films Pick Pocket and Irumbu Pookkal, G. M. Kumar began work on his next film, also his first horror film. The film was produced by actress Pallavi's brother and another partner.[3][4]


Mohan accepted the offer of the protagonist and hoped for a fresh lease on his career. Pallavi signed on for this new project with G. M. Kumar, who acted in two of his previous films. R. P. Viswam would have a vital role of a Swamy and was also responsible for the dialogue. The newcomer Arasavarathan would essay the role as Pallavi's husband, while Jaimala would play as Mohan's wife. Three different cinematographers: K. Rajpreeth, Ilavarasan and Dhayal handle the camera, K. A. Balan was signed up as the art director, while A. P. Manivannan took up the post of the editor.[3]


The film was made on low budget, G. M. Kumar shot the film with three different units, each unit consisting of an assistant director and a cinematographer: S. Govindaraj with K. Rajpreeth, S. Selvakumar with Ilavarasan and D. Narayanamoorthy with Dhayal. G. M. Kumar managed to complete the film within 12 days. The film doesn't have any fights. Ilaiyaraaja provided mainly the background music and composed only one song. The film was heavily censored by the Indian Central Board of Film Certification, which gave the film an "A" certificate, an adult rating, due to its "mix of soft porn and hard horror".[3]


The film ultimately bombed at the box office, but the film has become a strong cult film.


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