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Us with Salvini
Noi con Salvini
President Matteo Salvini
Deputy President Raffaele Volpi
Secretary Angelo Attaguile
Founded 19 December 2014
Headquarters Via Federico Cesi 44, 00193 Rome
Ideology Populism
Political position Right-wing
National affiliation Centre-right coalition
European affiliation none
European Parliament group no MEPs
Northern counterpart Lega Nord
Colours      Blue
Chamber of Deputies[a]
15 / 630
7 / 315
European Parliament
0 / 73
  1. ^ a b Sitting in Lega for Salvini group.

Us with Salvini (Italian: Noi con Salvini, NcS), is a populist political party in Italy,[1][2] whose main campaign themes are Euroscepticism and a strong stance against illegal immigration.[3] The party, founded by Matteo Salvini on 19 December 2014, is the sister party of Lega Nord (LN) for Lazio, southern Italy and Sardinia.[1][4] The party participated in the 2018 general election as part of the Lega list[5][6][7] and more than 20 of its members were elected.

Salvini is the party's president, Raffaele Volpi (a senator of Lega Nord) vice-president, while Angelo Attaguile, formerly a member of the Party of Sicilians, who was the first deputy to join the party, secretary and leader in Sicily.[3][8]

Before NcS, there were other attempts to establish a LN-sponsored party in the South: the "Lega Italia Federale", the Lega Sud Ausonia (which is still active and espouses an anti-northern line), and the Federalist Alliance.


Soon after the 2014 European Parliament election, held in May, Matteo Salvini, federal secretary of Lega Nord (LN), proposed the creation of a sister party for the regions of Italy where the LN was not active.[9]

On 19 December 2014 Salvini launched the new party during a press conference in Rome.[10]

Since its early months of activity, NcS formed ties with several local activists and organisations, stretching from Souad Sbai, a former deputy of The People of Freedom (PdL) of Moroccan origin and leading anti-Islamist, to the Italian nationalist and neo-fascist CasaPound.[11] On 8 February 2015 Salvini and Attaguile, a deputy, launched the Sicilian section of the party in Palermo: in the event, he apologised for Lega Nord's past rhetoric towards the South.[12]

On 27 February 2015 the LN and NcS organised a joint rally in Rome. Along with Salvini and Luca Zaia, speakers featured the representatives of some social/professional associations and trade unions (including Claudio Ardizio, a local leader of The Other Europe, a left-wing electoral coalition),[13] the aforementioned Souad Sbai, the leader of New Italy Party and flat tax supporter Armando Siri, the president of Brothers of Italy (FdI) Giorgia Meloni and the deputy leader of CasaPound Simone Di Stefano, who spoke on behalf of the newly organised Sovereignty association.[14] In November another rally took place in Bologna, that time with the participation of Forza Italia (FI) leader Silvio Berlusconi, along with Meloni.[15][16] CasaPound/Sovereignty, which was not invited, disliked Salvini's "moderate" turn and deserted the rally.[17][18] Both Salvini[19] and CasaPound leaders[20] confirmed that the two parties would not cooperate anymore due to different views.

Seven deputies, including Attaguile, since joined the party: Barbara Saltamartini (ex-AN/PdL/NCD),[21] Giuseppina Castiello (ex-AN/PdL/FI)[22] Alessandro Pagano (ex-FI/PdL/NCD),[23][24] Carmelo Lo Monte (ex-DC/PPI/DE/UdC/MpA/CD/PSI),[25] Trifone Altieri (ex-FI/PdL/FI/CR/DI),[26] and Roberto Marti (ex-FI/PdL/FI/CR/DI).[26]

In April 2016 it was announced that Irene Pivetti, a former President of the Chamber of Deputies who had left the LN in 1996 and was then president of the Italy–China Development Foundation, would head the party's slate in the upcoming municipal election in Rome.[27][28] In the 2016 local elections the LN did well in the Centre-North, especially in its stronghold Veneto, while the NcS obtained negligible results,[29] including 2.7% in Rome.[30]

In the 2017 local elections the NcS was present only in a few municipalities, obtaining some convincing results only in the Centre-South (closer to the areas of LN's influence), including 6.8% in L'Aquila (Abruzzo),[31] 8.5% in Ladispoli,[32] 6.6% in Guidonia Montecelio,[33] 6.6% in Fonte Nuova[34] and 3.0% in Cerveteri (Lazio),[35] 3.3% in Mondragone (northern Campania),[36] and occasionally 4.9% in Santeramo in Colle (Apulia).[37]

In the 2018 general election the party formed a joint list with the LN under the "Lega" banner, obtaining its best results in Abruzzo (13.8%), Lazio (13.0%), Sardinia (10.8%) – where the list featured also candidates of the Sardinian Action Party –, and Molise (8.7%). 17 deputies and 11 senators were elected in the Centre-South, including 15 deputies and 7 senators of NcS (including economist Alberto Bagnani, well-known lawyer Giulia Bongiorno and trade unionist Claudio Durigon), 1 deputy and one senator of the LN (Filippo Maturi of Lega Nord Alto Adige – Südtirol in Lazio and Salvini in Calabria), 1 deputy and 1 senator of the Italian Liberal Party (Cinzia Bonfrisco and Giuseppe Basini, both northerners), 1 senator of the National Movement for Sovereignty (Claudio Barbaro) and one of the PSd'Az (Christian Solinas). The joint parliamentary groups were named "Lega–Salvini Premier" in the Chamber[38] and "Lega–Salvini Premier–Sardinian Action Party" in the Senate.[39]

The 2018 membership recruitment was made under the name of "Lega per Salvini Premier" (LSP),[40] practically supplanting NcS. The LSP, whose statute had been published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale in December 2017[41] and had been described as a "parallel party",[42][43] might eventually replace both the LN and NcS, which would be merged into one. According to news sources, all this is closely related to the seizure by the judiciary of the bank accounts of the LN, after the conviction of the party's former leaders for fraud (see Lega Nord#From Bossi to Maroni). If the seizure will be confirmed, extended to the bank accounts of the party's national sections or even involve any political entity featuring "Lega" in its name, Salvini might lauch a brand-new party and absorb most of the centre-right parties into it.[44][45][46]


NcS embraces a very critical view of the European Union (EU), especially of the Euro, which Matteo Salvini once described a "crime against mankind".[47] The party is also quite opposed to illegal immigration, which has emerged in 2012 as a serious problem for Italy, especially for the South.[48][49]

On economic issues, NcS supports flat tax, tax cuts, fiscal federalism, protectionism[50] and, to some extent, agrarianism. On social issues, NcS opposes same-sex marriage and the EU's management of immigration, while it supports family values and the legalisation of brothels.[51] In foreign policy NcS opposes the international embargo against Russia of 2014[52][53] and supported an economic opening to Eastern Europe and to countries of the Far East such as North Korea.[54][55]

NcS's political positions are near to those of the French National Front and of the Dutch Party for Freedom.[56][57]


Electoral results[edit]

Italian Parliament[edit]

Chamber of Deputies
Election year # of
overall votes
% of
overall vote
# of
overall seats won
+/– Leader
2018 into League 17.4
15 / 630
Matteo Salvini
Senate of the Republic
Election year # of
overall votes
% of
overall vote
# of
overall seats won
+/– Leader
2018 into League 17.6
7 / 315
Matteo Salvini

Regional Councils[edit]

Region Latest election # of
overall votes
% of
overall vote
# of
overall seats won
Apulia 2015 38,661 (#11) 2.3
0 / 51
Sicily 2017 108,713 (#7) (with FdI) 5.7
1 / 70
Increase 1


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