Usagi Yojimbo Role-Playing Game

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Usagi Yojimbo (2005)
Role-Playing Game
Usagi rpg cover.jpg
Usagi Yojimbo Role-Playing Game cover of Sanguine Productions 2005 edition
Designer(s)Jason Holmgren, Pieter van Hiel
Publisher(s)Sanguine Productions
Publication date2005
Genre(s)Anthropomorphic fantasy, historical

The Usagi Yojimbo Role-Playing Game is the second role-playing game to be published based on Stan Sakai's Eisner-award-winning comic-book series Usagi Yojimbo. (The first was written by Greg Stolze and published in 1998 by Gold Rush Games.) The 2005 game is written by Jason Holmgren and Pieter van Hiel, published by Sanguine Productions in 2005.[1]

The game is set in a fantasy version of Japan in the Edo period (beginning of the 17th century) and uses a heavily modified variant of the systems used in Sanguine Productions' other role-playing games Ironclaw, Jadeclaw, and Albedo: Platinum Catalyst.[2]

In late October 2006, a version of the game translated into Spanish was released.[3]



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