Usas Escarpment

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Usas Escarpment (76°0′S 130°0′W / 76.000°S 130.000°W / -76.000; -130.000) is an expansive but discontinuous north-facing escarpment in Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica. It is about 320 kilometres (199 mi) long, extending roughly west to east along the 76th parallel south from where the elevation of the snow surface descends toward the Ruppert Coast and Hobbs Coast. The position of the escarpment coincides with the north slopes of the Flood Range, Ames Range, McCuddin Mountains, and the eastern peaks of Mount Galla, Mount Aldaz and Benes Peak. The escarpment was observed by members of the United States Antarctic Service, 1939-41, and in ensuing scientific reports was referred to as 76th Parallel Escarpment. The approved name is an acronym for the discovery expedition.[1]