Uschi Keszler

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Uschi Keszler
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-B1213-0005-003, Uschi Kessler.jpg
Keszler in 1963
Personal information
Alternative names Ursula Keszler
Country represented West Germany
Born (1948-08-13) August 13, 1948 (age 68)
Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Height 1.61 m (5 ft 3 12 in)[1]
Retired 1966

Ursula "Uschi" Keszler[1] (born August 13, 1948) is a figure skating coach and choreographer and a former competitor for West Germany.


Uschi Keszler qualified to represent the Unified Team of Germany at the 1964 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck and finished 24th. The following season, she became the West German national champion and placed 11th at the 1965 European Championships.

In the 1965–66 season, Keszler won gold at the Richmond Trophy and the national silver medal. In January 1966, Keszler placed eighth at the European Championships and then 11th at the 1966 World Championships in late February. In April 1966, it was reported that Keszler and a fellow single skater, Ralph Borghard, had considered teaming up to compete in pairs. The two practiced some lifts together but her parents rejected the idea.[1]

Keszler spent eight months in hospital after contracting tuberculosis and was advised by her doctors not to return to competition.[2] She began working as a coach and choreographer in the United States. Keszler is known primarily for her work with Canadian skaters Brian Orser, Elvis Stojko, and Shae-Lynn Bourne / Victor Kraatz. Keszler invented the term "hydroblading" to refer to skating on deep edges low to the ice, and using it as a training technique. In 1997, she became a co-owner of the Ice Works rink in Aston, Pennsylvania.[2]

Personal life[edit]

Keszler was born in Mannheim and settled in the United States. She married Aram Boornazian, with whom she has a son, Marc.[2] A survivor of breast and uterine cancer, she founded Uschi Keszler's Pennies-in-Action Cancer Research Fund.[2]

Competitive highlights[edit]

Event 1962–63 1963–64 1964–65 1965–66
Winter Olympics 24th
World Championships 15th 11th
European Championships 11th 8th
Richmond Trophy 1st
German Championships 6th 2nd 1st 2nd


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