Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts

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Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts
Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts Logo
Type Not-for-profit Arts Camp
Location Wheatley Heights (Town of Babylon) Long Island, NY
Founded 1968
Executive Director Ms. Lauren Brandt Schloss
Campus 70 Studios and Theaters on 140 acres
Mission Statement Usdan is a summer arts camp that provides an educational setting for children to develop artistic skills, regardless of their level of talent. Guided by a professional faculty, students participate in public performances and exhibits that reflect the high standards sought by their teachers and conductors. The goal is for them to leave Usdan with the arts as a lifetime companion. The camp's philosophy is reflected in Suzanne Usdan's inspirational message: "Lose yourself for a summer. Find yourself for a lifetime."

Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts (often referred to as "Usdan") is a not-for-profit summer arts camp situated on 140 woodland acres in Wheatley Heights, Long Island, NY. Usdan opened in 1968 and now enrolls 1,500 students ages 4–18. Usdan has been declared a “Best Of” camp by TimeOutNY/Kids, and by NY Metro Parents. The Center has been profiled in the New York Times, Time Magazine, and in numerous print and online publications. Usdan's 40,000 alumni include actresses Natalie Portman, Jackie Hoffman, Olivia Thirlby, Stacey London, and Lisa Gay Hamilton; singers Jane Monheit, Taylor Dayne, and Mariah Carey; Broadway playwright Michele Lowe, Grammy-Award winning producer Adam Abeshouse, Broadway personality Seth Rudetsky, Juilliard conductor Adam Glaser, and members of major American orchestras, dance and theater companies. The camp is named for the daughter of the late philanthropist Samuel Lemberg.

Usdan was established to provide children with the arts as a companion for life through great teaching and the camaraderie of fellow students whose bond is their love of the arts. The Center features more than 40 programs of study. The Music Department offers orchestra, band, chorus, guitar, chamber music, jazz ensemble, and piano. The Dance Department offers ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, dance lab, Usdan Dance Ensemble: Ballet, Ailey and Graham techniques, Pilobolus:Moving and Making, and introduction to dance. The Theater Department offers the Usdan Troupe, musical theater, stagecraft 101, drama, and theater adventure The Visual Arts Department offers painting, ceramics, sculpture, metalsmithing, photography, mobile photography and video, filmmaking, sewing and fashion design, comic art, video game art and design, animation, experimental animation and cartooning, art adventure, lego design, and building with minecraft. Other majors include creative writing, chess, nature and ecology, organic gardening, and sustainable art: little changes with little sun. A special feature of each student’s program is attendance at the camp's series of daily assemblies known as the Festival Concerts. These are performances by distinguished artists and by Usdan students as well. World famous artists who have appeared on this series include Mariah Carey, Andre Watts, Yo-Yo Ma, The King's Singers, Earl Wild, Ruggiero Ricci, James Galway, Canadian Brass, Tokyo String Quartet, Emanuel Ax. Jazz artists have included Jimmy Heath, Marian McPartland, Billy Taylor, Randy Brecker, Bobby Watson, and Jane Monheit. Dance companies include New York City Ballet, Dance Theater of Harlem, Pilobolus, and the José Limón Dance Company. Cast members from current Broadway shows perform on this series, and many also work with students as visiting master teachers.

The camp is divided into four divisions based on grade level: Discovery – Grade Pre-K, K and 1; Partners in the Arts – Grades 2 and 3; Junior – Grade 4 through 6; Senior – Grade 6 through 12. Students have a choice of classes from the following disciplines: Music, Art, Theater, Dance, Writing, Chess, Nature and Ecology, Organic Gardening. Students choose a "major" class that meets for two fifty-minute periods daily, and they also have a "minor" that meets for one period daily. Students also have one recreational period daily. The camp enrolls students for 2, 4, or 7 weeks.

Usdan’s modern campus includes 70 award-winning studios and theaters, including the campus centerpiece, the Andrew and Lily McKinley Amphitheater, a 1,000-seat state of the art theater for the camp's daily artist and student concerts. Other signature buildings include the Samuel and Lucille Lemberg Drama Center, with three theaters, six teaching studios, and costume and set shops. The Block Media Arts Center contains broadcast quality production studios. The Maurice B. Hexter Center is a recital hall and conference center that also houses Usdan's chess program. Art students exhibit the work in the Goetz and Hexter galleries. Usdan is a beneficiary agency of UJA-Federation of New York, and the camp is chartered by the Regents of the State of New York.


Usdan Logo

In 1968, one thousand New York-area children arrived at the newly created Usdan (Formally Usdan Center for the Creative and Performing Arts) to pursue their love of the arts or talent no matter their level of experience. This extraordinary inaugural enrollment was testimony to the vision and dedication of the camp's founders. They included artists, educators, and communal leaders. Usdan was established under the aegis of Federation of Jewish Philanthropies (now UJA-Federation of New York) then headed by Dr. Maurice B. Hexter. Graenum Berger, Dr. Hexter's colleague, brought the concept to Federation following a trip with Andrew McKinley to Interlochen in 1951. Here Dr. Berger saw the possibility of a comprehensive not-for-profit arts camp for children living in the New York metropolitan area. He embraced the concept of arts education in a camp setting, and enlisted the partnership of a great philanthropist, Samuel Lemberg. Mr. Lemberg provided the initial donations to establish the camp. To honor his extraordinary generosity, Usdan was named for his beloved daughter, Suzanne Usdan.

Arts educators created the educational and artistic plan for Usdan. The camp's founding Executive Director, Andrew McKinley, was a concert artist, a member of the Juilliard faculty, and a renowned opera singer. Usdan's Educational Coordinator and longtime Board President, Dr. Jerrold Ross, then Chairman of the Department of Music Education at New York University, worked with Mr. McKinley to establish the high artistic and educational standards for which Usdan is known. Together with Mrs. Usdan, Dr. Hexter, and Mr. Lemberg, a Board of Trustees was established, and Mr. McKinley assembled a faculty of prominent artists and teachers from the country’s leading conservatories and universities. In 1983, following 16 years as Director of the camp, Andrew McKinley retired. The Board appointed Dale Lewis to become his successor, and Mr. Lewis served as Usdan’s Executive Director until 2015. Dr. Ross was the Board's longest serving President (1968–2004). In recent years he has collaborated with Mr. Lewis to expand the camp's curriculum. In 2006 Dr. Ross was honored by his Board colleagues with the naming of the Jerrold Ross Discovery Center, Usdan's campus center for early childhood arts education.

Usdan's original curriculum of music, art, dance, and theater has expanded into additional fields of study in the arts. The program now includes recently added courses in writing, jazz studies, video arts, video game design, jazz and tap dance, chamber music, nature and ecology, organic gardening, sewing and fashion design, comic art, animation, classical guitar, and chess. Newer elective classes include life drawing, actor’s craft, and tennis. During the past ten years, Usdan has launched programs for beginners as well. Discovery is an arts exploration experience for children in Pre-K, Kindergarten and first grade.

In addition to its primary programs for children, Usdan also sponsors professional development programs for arts educators. Lifetime learning is another programmatic theme at Usdan, and these programs include alumni study days, lecture and concert workshops for adults, and a popular summertime event for adults known as Usdan University. Usdan’s professional staff provides collaborative programs with schools on Long Island in New York City, and the camp hosts training events for young professionals in the arts, and for community events such as the Long Island Envirothon.

Usdan's leadership includes its Board of Trustees and a Leadership Council of Long Island community, philanthropic, and business leaders, both under the direction of the camp's President, John Usdan, son of the camp's namesake. 2013 was Dale Lewis's 30th year as Executive Director. In 2015, Mr.Lewis retired and Lauren Brandt Schloss became the center's 3rd Executive Director.

Usdan's Mission: Usdan Center is a summer arts school that provides an educational setting for children to develop artistic skills, regardless of their level of talent. Children acquire and develop these skills under the guidance of a professional faculty and they participate in public performances and exhibits that reflect the high standards sought by their teachers and conductors. While studying at Usdan, children discover new abilities and talents and they form lifetime friendships with those who share their love of the arts. The goal is for them to leave Usdan with the arts as a lifetime companion. The camp's philosophy is reflected in Suzanne Usdan's inspirational message: "Lose yourself for a summer. Find yourself for a lifetime."



The music program includes both instruction and performance. Faculty members come from the finest conservatories and include leading freelance musicians and concert artists. They teach with love and aim for the highest standards possible.


  • Concert Band (Grades 3 to 12): Four concert bands offer exceptional collaboration and performance opportunities for budding musicians of every age and ability. Concert band students participate in one hour of full band rehearsal in addition to another hour of sectional study each day. Students must have at least one year of prior instruction and be able to read music. Students may have the opportunity to perform in Usdan's famous McKinley Amphitheater. 6th graders interested in senior division must audition.
  • Jazz Ensemble (Grades 6 to 12): Whether you be-bop, swing, or samba, the Usdan jazz ensemble is the place where young jazz musicians come to learn, play, and perform together. The intermediate ensemble hosts students in grades 6 to 8 who have at least one year of prior instruction (6th grade juniors will attend an additional sectional lesson instead of choosing a minor. 6th grade seniors will need to audition and if accepted, will choose a minor). The advanced ensemble is a three-period program, featuring classes in jazz ensemble, improvisation, and concert band, for students in grades 9 to 12. Audition required for the advanced ensemble.
  • Orchestra (Grades 3 to 12): Young musicians discover the vibrato of violins, violas, celli, and double basses that form the core of Usdan's four incredible orchestras. Each day, orchestra students come together for one hour of full orchestra practice and one hour in sectional instruction. Usdan's orchestras perform major symphonic works and collaborate with other Usdan ensembles. Students must have at least one year of prior instruction with note reading. 6th graders interested in senior division must audition.
  • Senior Chorus (Grades 6 to 12): Develop your voice and technique in the incomparable senior chorus. Senior chorus students devote two hours every day to major choral arrangements and work together to create beautiful music. Students sing as a full chorus and within small ensembles, performing for the camp throughout the summer.
  • Junior Chorus (Grades 2 to 6): Young singers find their voice with the junior chorus, a popular major for students just beginning to find their passion for music.
  • Classical Guitar (Grades 4 to 12): The classical guitar major develops students' technique and perspective on the guitar through individual and ensemble practice and performance. Students must have at least one year of prior instruction.
  • Classical Piano (Grades 2 to 12): A unique program for experienced young pianists to develop solo and ensemble repertoire. Students must have at least one year of prior instruction and be able to read sheet music. An audition is required to determine acceptance into the program and placement into one of three levels in each division. Piano studios are equipped with professional-model Yamaha pianos.[1]


  • Senior Chorus (Grades 6 to 12)
  • Junior Chorus (Grades 2 to 6)
  • Chamber Music (Grades 7 to 12): Often described as "the music of friends," chamber music is a classical genre of music written for small ensembles of two to ten musicians. Chamber music students are coached by Usdan's renowned faculty in several chamber groups over the course of the summer.
  • Jazz Ensemble (Grades 7 to 12)
  • Folk Guitar (Grades 4 to 12): Folk Guitar combines classical and modern technique with expressive storytelling. Young guitarists develop solo and ensemble repertoire through one hour of daily practice in either beginner or intermediate instruction.


Art majors choose one discipline to explore in depth. Students work in studios designed for their medium and learn from working artists who are specialists in their fields. Studios feature large skylights as well as indoor and outdoor courtyards to take advantage of natural light and the inspiration of nature.


  • Animation (Grades 6 to 12): Animation students combine skilled artistic work with the fundamentals of 2D animation to create their own animated stories. Students are introduced to both hand-drawn and computer-generated imagery to conceptualize characters, plot, and plenty of hijinks.
  • Architecture (Grades 6 to 12): Architecture students explore building design and architecture as both an art form and vehicle of cultural symbolism. You will learn the principles of architectural design using the same CAD drawing and model-making techniques as professionals.
  • Art Adventure (Grades 2 to 4): Art Adventure is an exploratory experience for young artists who may not yet know their favorite medium or technique, or for those who want to try something new. Students investigate the full spectrum of Usdan's art offerings, including drawing, painting, and sculpture for a comprehensive and immersive summer arts education.
  • Ceramics (Grades 2 to 12): Ceramics students of all ages dig in as they learn to hand-build and throw on a potter’s wheel. Students study ceramic design, sculpture, and glaze technology to explore and create traditional and experimental pottery, stoneware, and earthenware.
  • Comic Art (Grades 4 to 12): Graphic novels and comics, and the mythology behind them, are heavily ingrained in pop culture. Comic art students are introduced to classic cartooning techniques and characters, including thumbnail sketches and breakdowns, penciling, inking, and page layout. Students develop and design their own characters and stories from conception to finished product.
  • Designing with Minecraft (Grades 4 to 6): Students use the popular video game Minecraft, as well as art materials, to create their own worlds, problem solve, and collaborate both on- and off-screen. Individual and group projects will challenge students to hone their creative, academic, and social skills. New and experienced players welcome.
  • Experimental Animation and Cartooning (Grades 4 to 6): Students learn the basics of animation and cartooning by experimenting with multiple mediums. Cut paper, found objects, clay, and various drawing media will be used to create characters, comics, hand-drawn animation, stop motion, and more. Students work on both individual and collaborative projects.
  • Filmmaking (Grades 5 to 12): An incredible video production course using state-of-the-art studios, recording, and editing equipment. Filmmaking students create short videos and news features with a collaborative team of students writers, actors, directors, camera operators, and editors, just like a real film crew.
  • Metalsmithing (Grades 4 to 12): Students learn to design and create art from metal with basic metalsmithing skills and techniques. Metalsmithing majors create their own unique sculptures, jewelry, cutlery, mobiles, and more using hammering, raising, chasing, soldering, acid etching, bezel stone setting, and bead stringing.
  • Open Studio for 2D Art (Grades 6 to 12): A free, open, and exciting opportunity to learn about, explore, and make 2D art – however you choose. Artist educators guide and mentor, but the projects, processes, and ideas are entirely your own. Students work independently within a supportive community of peers and can focus on one two-dimensional medium or try a new one every day. Options include drawing, painting, collage, and printmaking.
  • Open Studio for 3D Art (Grades 6 to 12): A free, open, and exciting opportunity to learn about, explore and make 3D art. Guided by an artist educator, students work independently and focus on one three-dimensional medium all summer long or try a new one every day. Options include paper mache, stone, fabric, and various kinds of clay.
  • Painting and Drawing (Grades 2 to 12): Acrylic, watercolor, ink, graphite and more. Painting and drawing students study and practice together in inviting open air studios. They pursue and develop their skills creating still-lifes, landscapes, portraits, life drawings, abstract works, or any subject their creativity leads them toward.
  • Photography (Grades 4 to 12): Usdan's Photography program focuses on the principles of composition and lighting, while using Mac computers for imaging, photo enhancement, printing, and digital presentation. Photography students use Usdan's beautiful, wooded forest, their fellow students, and all of the art created across campus as subject matter.
  • Sculpture (Grades 2 to 12): Usdan’s young sculptors dive into three-dimensional forms in wood, stone, clay, plaster, wire, metal, and more. Sculpture students find inspiration all around by experimenting with new materials and imagery, both abstract and realist. There will also be unique opportunities to produce large scale installations and sculptures.
  • Sewing and Fashion Design (Grades 4 to 12): Usdan's Sewing & Fashion Design major offers an unprecedented opportunity to create personal style and wearable art from concept to construction. The beginner course introduces students to sewing machine operation and patterns, and is a prerequisite for Level II, which offers advanced techniques and free design. Students who have at least 50 hours of sewing machine experience are also eligible for the Level II class.
  • Video Game Art and Design (Grades 4 to 12): Video games are fun to play, but even more fun to create. Students are introduced to the creation and development of video games. Using the latest computer technology, students conceptualize game art and design the challenges and objectives for their own non-violent video games.


  • Comic Art (Grades 4 to 12)
  • Lego Design (Grades 2 to 6): Lego Design encourages students to use Legos in inventive and creative ways. The minor challenges students to use standard Lego blocks to create unique and extraordinary pieces of art and design, from buildings to characters to musical instruments.
  • Life Drawing (Grades 6 to 12) : An in-depth exploration of the human form for advanced artists. Students learn about proportion, volume, shading, and expressivity using a variety of drawing materials with an in-person, clothed model.
  • Mobile Photography and Video (Grades 4 to 6): Mobile Photography & Video students learn to unleash the power of their mobile device's camera. The class explores the unique skills, challenges, and assets of using a mobile camera in conjunction with the principles of traditional photography. Students learn the major principles of composition and lighting, and how to perfectly capture the moment.
  • Mobile Photography and Video for Social Media (Grades 6 to 12): More than upping your selfie game, this class explores social media as a medium for creativity and storytelling. You will explore the new forms of imagery at your fingertips by combining the technology of your mobile device with 200-year-old concepts of photography and film. The limits, burdens, and freedoms of social media on artists – as well as the risks inherent to social media – will be investigated.
  • Photography (Grades 4 to 12)
  • Painting & Drawing (Grades 2 to 12)[2]


Performance and hands-on technical theater classes range from beginning to advanced levels; from drama to musical theater; and from theory to craft and technique. Classes take place in Usdan’s extraordinary Lemberg Drama Center, which includes an air-conditioned indoor theater, two outdoor theaters, rehearsal studios, and costume, prop, and set shops. Students have several opportunities to experience the full cycle of staging and performing a play or musical. Among the recent productions were Doctor Dolittle, Mary Poppins, and 70, Girls, 70.[3]


  • Drama Lab (Grades 6 to 12): Calling all actors! Drama Lab is where the science of being an actor comes to life. Students live through the audition process, rehearsals, and staging. The summer experience culminates with the live performance of their play. Under consideration for summer 2017 are The Crucible, The Miracle Worker, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Our Town.
  • Musical Theater (Grades 4 to 12): An amazing opportunity to study musical theater through the entire cycle of a production, including audition, rehearsal, blocking, staging, choreography, ensemble-work, and performance. Students learn to accept casting decisions made based upon their own auditions, discover the joys of collaboration, and develop responsibility as they work together to put on the show.
  • Stagecraft 101 (Grades 6 to 12): In the Shop is where it all begins! Theater techs learn to bring light, sound, and plays to life. Students add to their backstage experience via unprecedented, close-up collaboration with theater professionals from Usdan's renowned Theater Scene and Design Shop. Enrollment is limited.
  • Theater Adventure (Grades 2 to 3): An incredible, eye-opening, exploratory theatrical experience that introduces young students to basic acting, singing, and dancing, and results in a staged production at the end of summer.
  • The Usdan Troupe (Grades 9 to 12): The Usdan Troupe (formerly Usdan's Repertory Theater) offers a unique opportunity to participate in the entire process of producing theater, from audition to performance. Former company members describe it as "summer stock theater for teens." The Troupe presents one fully staged musical production every year. Recent productions include Grand Hotel, Sunday in the Park with George, Carousel, and Cabaret! The Troupe requires an audition and is a full three-period program.



  • Actor's Craft (Grades 4 to 12 ): A supplemental minor for theater majors and other aspiring students. Actor's Craft provides insight to the theory and practice of acting. Physical exercises, theater games, and scene/speech study workshops build skills and help budding actors improve both their performance ability and understanding of theatrical texts.
  • Audition Bootcamp (Grades 4 to 12): So you want the role, but you're not sure how to get it? Plus… those nerves! This is the course for all aspiring actors who want to land that perfect character. Audition Bootcamp helps students choose audition materials, prepare for the audition challenge, work on cold readings, and even chase those butterflies away. This class is for Theater majors only.


Our dancers study technique, classic repertory, and original choreography with nationally renowned dancers and choreographers. In addition to Usdan’s professional dance faculty, our program partners with three dance companies: the Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation, the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, and Pilobolus.

Dance instruction is rigorous but caring. Studios are spacious and mirrored, with soft floors and generous skylights that give an open-air effect. In culminating performances for the entire community, including friends and family, each class presents a new piece of choreography on Usdan’s main stage.


  • Usdan Dance Ensemble (Grades 4 to 10): The Usdan Girls Dance Ensemble provides an immersive, all-day exploration and study in classical and contemporary dance styles. In a nurturing all-girls classroom setting, the focus is placed on coordination, musicality, artistry, physical fitness, and teamwork. Ensemble dancers will learn new techniques, choreography, and take part in fun, interdisciplinary collaborations. This full-day program is taught by Usdan faculty and guest artists, and is designed to support dancers from grades 4 through 10 interested in pursuing dance at the intermediate or advanced levels. Audition required.
  • Ballet (Grades 2 to 6): Study of classical technique including barre and center exercises, across the floor combinations, and performance of original choreography or classic repertory. Beginning and Intermediate levels.
  • Hip Hop (Grades 4 to 6): Combines traditional jazz moves with hip-hop funk. Classes are fast-paced and high-energy. Intermediate level, minimum 1 year of dance experience.
  • Introduction to Dance (Grades 2 to 12): An introduction to the language of classic and contemporary dance forms. Students will learn basic positions, steps, and styles drawn from Jazz, Lyrical, Theater Dance, and Modern Dance. No previous dance experience necessary. 2-week sessions will be three periods. 4 and 7 week sessions will be two periods.


  • Hip Hop (Grades 6 to 12)
  • Contemporary Dance (Grades 4 to 12): Contemporary dance combines elements of modern, ballet, and jazz techniques. Inspired by Lyrical dance traditions, the course focuses on current principles and trends in movement, music, and performance. Beginning and Intermediate levels for grades 4-6, Intermediate level for grades 6-12 only. Minimum one year of dance training required.
  • Dance Adventure (Grades 2 to 3): An exploratory dance experience for beginners. Students are introduced to a variety of forms, including jazz, modern, ballet, and contemporary dance. No previous dance experience necessary.
  • Jazz Dance (Grades 4 to 12): Students learn contemporary dance forms drawn from Broadway and classic jazz traditions. Minimum one year of dance training.
  • Pilobolus: Moving and Making (Grades 2 to 12): Pilobolus Teaching Artists help students discover their own unique artistic voice and collaboratively work together to create original material. Open to dancers and non-dancers alike, this master class welcomes everyone to experience Pilobolus' creative process. The class is playful, group-driven, physically-challenging, and fun. Activities include partnering, collaborative choreography, and peer-to-peer feedback. No previous dance experience necessary.
  • Tap Dance (Grades 2 to 12): In tap, the focus is placed on rhythm, coordination, and musicality. Open to students at both beginning and Intermediate levels.



Designed to meet the individual needs of each student, our chess program offers classes for beginning to advanced players. New players learn rules, notation, and the opening, middle, and end games. Advanced players develop a repertoire of game strategies. A program highlight is that celebrated chess masters serve as guest teachers.

Major and Minor

  • Chess (Grades 2 to 12)


Creative writing at Usdan takes full advantage of our proximity to New York writers to engage students in the forms of poetry, short fiction, and playwriting. Small-group writing workshops take place in studios that open into the woods, for an inspiring setting. Students contribute to and shape the summer’s final project—a new issue of Usdan’s literary magazine—and also have opportunities to read their work as part of the camp’s daily Festival Concert Series.


  • Creative Writing (Grades 4 to 12)


  • Creative Writing (Grades 3 to 12)


Usdan’s magnificent forest, nature center, and organic garden provide a vast outdoor laboratory for teaching and learning. Our hands-on nature programs include garden and forest exploration and nature as science, art, and craft.


  • Nature, Ecology, and Design (Grades 2 to 6): Usdan's amazing woodland setting is an ideal habitat to study Long Island's vibrant ecosystems and appreciate the natural world. Students get messy learning how flora and fauna function through projects like gardening and forest exploration, and are challenged to identify creative and sustainable environmental solutions. Students also care for the Nature Department's summer pet snakes, lizards, and tortoises.
  • Organic Gardening and Simple Food (Grades 4 to 12): Usdan's organic gardening program gives students hands-on insight to the origin of their food. Young gardeners study the art of planning, growing, and cultivating food. Students care for and harvest Usdan's very own fruit and vegetable gardens, and learn to prepare simple dishes with the produce they grow.
  • Sustainable Art: Little Changes with Little Sun (Grades 4 to 10): In 2012, artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen started the Little Sun Project, a solar lamp and charger, to bring sustainable energy and the power of the sun to everyone. With the Little Sun as its foundation, this course studies environmental issues through art by using unconventional materials and experiences. Activities include creating solar lamps, nature walks, sketchbook practice, and a special overnight at Usdan to experience what it's like to live with limited light. This class is open to thinkers from all disciplines!


  • Nature, Ecology, and Design (Grades 2 to 6)
  • Organic Gardening and Simple Food (Grades 4 to 12)
  • Sustainable Art: Little Changes with Little Sun (Grades 4 to 10)

Discovery Program[edit]

Usdan’s Discovery Program introduces students to the arts in several disciplines and media. Play and exploration are at the heart of Discovery, where children enjoy music, art, dance and swim multiple times a week. Additional activities draw from Usdan's diverse offerings, such as theater, nature, archery, chess and photography. Discovery campers attend select assemblies performed by professional and student artists. Throughout the week, they are also given opportunities to choose activities based on their own interests. With the Discovery Center as a base, campers have their own small group and college-age counselor to guide them throughout their adventurous day.

Partners in the Arts[edit]

The Partners in the Arts program includes Junior Division students who have completed 2nd and 3rd grade. The program guides these students through Usdan’s artistic opportunities under the tutelage of a high-school-aged counselor. Students in the Partners program choose a major and minor interest, just like Usdan’s older students. Each day, though, counselors guide these students to class and help them make friends and get the most out of summer. counselors are enthusiastic returning Usdan students who are familiar with Usdan’s programs and campus.

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