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UBB Usedomer Bäderbahn GmbH
Limited liability company
(Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung)
Industry Transport
Founded 1994
Headquarters Heringsdorf
Key people
Jörgen Boße, Andreas Zylka
Revenue 22.3 M EUR (2008)[1]
Total assets 27.3 M EUR (2008)[1] (balance sheet total)
Number of employees
159 (31 December 2008)[1]

The Usedomer Bäderbahn (UBB) with its head office in Heringsdorf, northeastern Germany, is a 100 percent-owned subsidiary of the German national railway, Deutsche Bahn and the owner and operator of the railway network on the island of Usedom as well as the Züssow–Wolgast and Velgast–Barth lines. It calls all the lines that it runs services on – i.e. also Züssow–Stralsund–Velgast – as the Vorpommernbahn or “West Pomeranian Railway”.

The UBB is a member of the Fare Association of Federal and Non-Federal Railways in Germany (Tarifverband der Bundeseigenen und Nichtbundeseigenen Eisenbahnen in Deutschland) or TBNE, albeit without voting rights, because it belongs to Deutsche Bahn.

Seebad Heringsdorf station, built in 1894


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