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Utility is a measure of the happiness or satisfaction gained from a good or service in economics and game theory.

Utility or Utilities may also refer to:

In computers[edit]

In economics[edit]

  • Cardinal utility, a utility index that preserves preference orderings
  • Marginal utility, the change in the utility from an increase in the consumption of a good or service

In philosophy[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Public utility, an organization that maintains the infrastructure for a public service, or the services themselves
  • Utilities (film), a 1981 movie starring Robert Hays
  • Utility (patent), one of the requirements for patentability in Canadian and United States patent laws
  • Utility (car), a term used in Australia and New Zealand to refer to a pickup truck or coupe utility vehicle ("ute")
  • Utility player, a term used in sports for a player who can play several positions competently.
  • Utility furniture, produced in the United Kingdom during and just after World War II, under a Government scheme designed to cope with shortages of raw materials and rationing
  • Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform, often abbreviated to "Utilities", the battledress uniform of the United States Marine Corps

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