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Article description Country Year Image
Anna V Molofsky American psychiatrist and glial biologist 2019
Byungkook K. Lim researcher 2018
Ilana Witten Neuroscience researcher 2017
Daniela Witten on SiliconAngle TheCube.jpg
Kay Tye American neuroscientist United States of America 2016
Kay tye.jpg
Michael M. Halassa researcher 2015
Denis Jabaudon researcher 2014
Garret D Stuber researcher 2013
Zhiping P. Pang researcher 2012
Alexandre Bonnin researcher 2011
David A. Baker 2010
Kerry J. Ressler researcher, psychiatrist 2009
Thomas A. Blanpied researcher 2007
Michael Ehlers United States of America 2006
Lisa Marie Monteggia American neuroscientist 2005
Luca Santarelli 2004
José A Esteban researcher 2003
Jon R. Backstrom 2002
Kelsey Martin United States of America 2001
Kelsey Martin UCLA.jpg
Ted Abel researcher 2000
Stewart A. Anderson 1999
Yukiko Goto 1998
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