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Article p166/q5970325/p585 country of citizenship date of birth date of death image description
Jack Kilby 1978 United States of America 1923-11-08 2005-06-20
American electrical engineer
Robert Noyce 1978 United States of America 1927-12-12 1990-06-03
Robert Noyce with Motherboard 1959.png
American businessman and engineer
Geoffrey Dummer 1979 United Kingdom
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
1909-02-25 2002-09-09
British electronics engineer
Marcian Hoff 1980 United States of America 1937-10-28
Marcian Ted Hoff.jpg
American electrical engineer
Donald R. Herriott 1981 United States of America 1928-02-04 2007-11-08 American physicist
Robert H. Dennard 1982 United States of America 1932-09-05
Robert Dennard.jpg
American engineer and inventor
Alec Broers, Baron Broers 1985 United Kingdom 1938-09-17
Duke and Hitoshi Narita 2002.jpg
Australian electrical engineer
Dieter P. Kern 1997
Supriyo Datta 2002 United States of America 1954
Supriyo datta.png
American engineer
Yan Borodovsky 2012
Martin van den Brink 2014 Kingdom of the Netherlands
Hiroshi Iwai 2015
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