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This page is a temporary method for people to add to Bangor MetaSoc, a list of non-profit organisations (inlcuding clubs and societies) based in Bangor (Gwynedd, North Wales, UK) (which will eventually be converted into an XML file and distributed to different WWW sites which are aimed at residents of the city).

How you can help

If you would like to help, please edit this page by making a subsection for each club that you know of under a relevant main (bold) section and give any useful info you know about them (e.g.: when and where they meet, contact details).

The main sections are arbitrary ones I made on the fly (with some attempt for mutual exclusivity) to make this page less unwieldy and do not necessarily represent the sectioning that will be used in the XML data.

Don't edit anything strongly emphasised (e.g.: emboldened) in the list of organisations or anything in this preamble without discussion.

The Charity Commission's list of registered charities based in Bangor may be helpful.

List of Organisations[edit]

NB: The clubs I added are just for examples. I do have a much bigger dead-tree list, but don't see any point in copying to this temporary location at the moment.




Bangor Greenpeace[edit]

Short name: BGP

Meetings: Greek Taverna, Holyhead Rd., Upper Bangor (opposite Late Stop) @ -W1-2T19:30

Contact: Joe Ll. G. Blakesley

Mailing Lists:

WWW Site (national):

Student Friends of the Earth[edit]

Short name': Student FoE, UWB FoE, FoE 2

Meetings: Adeiliad Thoday, Deiniol Rd., (opposite SU building) @ -W-4T19:00

Mailing List:

Gwynedd Friends of the Earth[edit]

Short name': FoE, Gwynedd FoE, Bangor FoE

International Relief and Development[edit]

Other/General Political/Campaigns[edit]




UWB SU Athletics Union[edit]



General Social[edit]

Any Useful-to-Know Profit-Making Organisations[edit]

These will be on a seperate list. Put things like newspapers, educational institutions and meeting venues here.