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My personal roadmap
  • Upgrading all listed chapters & volumes lists in the cat
  • with proper templates, nearly done only Pokemon's list to do
  • with an image + caption + image proper FUR
  • proper references for each volume of each list
  • Finishing summarizing the French publication on yaoi which is very informative for the plenty of articles not just Yaoi. I'm teamed with Malkinann on that one as my knowledge on Yaoi is close to ZERO. Already some results, we have at least some verifiable numbers for the Dojinshi cheers.
  • Starting thinking seriously of Yoshiharu Tsuge as there are some much material on him + our project needs more quality articles on alternative manga.

To reformate:

List of Pokémon chapters


Attention Please

Other stuffs:


To update + refs:

List of Maison Ikkoku chapters Belle_and_Sebastian_(TV_series)

Distrust is my motto in WP.
Unless proved otherwise, i distrust others members of WP.
(I trust a bit more the people here) References warfare = Call for artillery support.
Use first reference to prove existence & release date.
Use second reference to prove the content.

References should be shoved down the throat of any nay sayer fanboy or fangirl.

Infamous for putting to many references/sources links in discussion pages.

Repeat after me : information is brick, reference is mortar
Member of the WikiProject Countering systemic bias: WP:WORLDVIEW

Belonging to the black gondola cabal association.

アーティスト = Artist
演奏者 = Performer
作曲者 = Composer/Writing
編曲者 = Arranger
作詞者 = Lyrics
キャスト = Cast


My garbages :
評価 / 批評
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