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My homepage is at

My email address for matters of Wikipedia:Administrators is

For a few months when I first arrived, I edited under the username Toby. I have nothing to do with Wikipedia:Toby.


I reserve no copyright or patent rights to any of my creative work. As far as copyright and patent law are concerned, I grant you permission to do anything with it that you wish. See for more information.

This is a perfectly free, noncopyleft licence. Because it is all-permissive, it is automatically compatible with any other licence. If you're keeping track of Wikipedians whose works are compatible with other licences, then feel free to add templates and category headings to this effect below.

It is not possible for me to place in the public domain anything that I do not have complete rights to. For the most part, therefore, my work on Wikipedia cannot be in the public domain. Given the permission above, you shouldn't need anything to be in the public domain anyway. However, if you want me to place something explicitly in the public domain, then ask me, and I will do so if it is possible.

All rights released to all contributions
I agree to release all rights, unless otherwise stated, to all my contributions (both text and images) to the English Wikipedia, enabling anyone to use them for any purpose. Please be aware that other contributors might not do the same, so if you want to use my contributions under free use terms, please check the Multi-licensing guide.