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This artcle refers to the fictional form of martial arts created by Goutetsu and practiced by Ryu, Ken, Sakura, Sean, and Akuma in Capcom's Street Fighter fighting game series. Although early Capcom materials glibly stated Ryu and Ken practiced Shotokan or Kyokushin, this was later retconned. No official name has been given to this style, it's only known that it's an assassination style created by Goutetsu. For that reason, this article is titled Goutetsu-ryū Ansatsuken (Japanese: 轟鉄流暗殺拳 Goutetsu Style Assassin's Fist).

Goutetsu Ansatsuken (Ansatsuken-Jitsu)[edit]

Goutetsu was an Ansatsuken practitioner who founded his own school based off his principles of Hadō no Chikara (Power of the Surge). Members of his school's lineage that participated in the Street Fighter series include Ryu, Ken, Sakura, Sean and Akuma. Since Goutetsu's style qualifies as Ansatsuken, almost all the techniques involved are designed to kill an opponent as quickly as possible, preferably in one strike. He borrowed several striking and grappling techniques from Karate, Taekwondo, and Judo as parts of the style. His school's most devastating technique is a single fatal attack called the Shun Goku Satsu. It is a mysterious art taught to a very few at the highest levels of study and involves risk not only to the opponent, but the practitioner as well. Since Ansatsuken was never a major school, only three people ever knew how to perform the Shun Goku Satsu: Goutetsu, Akuma, and Gouken.

Gouken Ansatsuken (Ansatsuken-Do)[edit]

A derivative school of Ansatsuken, one that focused more on self-defense and fell into more traditonal viewpoints of the martial arts, was founded by one of Goutetsu's students, Gouken. Gouken disagreed with Goutetsu's views on when lethal force should be applied. He was against killing, even if the practitioner was moved to act. As a result, life-threatening techniques such as the Shun Goku Satsu were not included in Gouken's school. Gouken even developed an alternate means of utilizing ki that wouldn't be fatal to the opponent. The art was weakened since Gouken made his Ansatsuken school the least violent of its kind, but Gouken believed that this art should be used as a means for self-defense rather than martial, life-threatening offense. Except for Akuma, most students from Goutetsu's lineage were trained in this style.


The current grandmaster of Goutetsu-style Ansatsuken is Gouken's brother Akuma. He gained the title in a duel to the death with his teacher, Goutetsu. However, Akuma has decided to focus entirely on a principle of the art known as Satsui no Hadou. He increased the lethalness of many techniques and included some Koppo moves. Although Goutetsu recognized Satsui no Hadou, it's not known if he ever used it.

The inaugural grandmaster of Gouken-style Ansatsuken is Akuma's adopted nephew and Gouken's adopted son, Ryu. Ryu's brief brush with Satsui no Hadou during his first World Warrior tournament and the events that took place during Street Fighter Alpha 3 has convinced him to reject Akuma's philosophy and focus on his father's style the man who adopt him. Even though the Gouken School initially started out weaker than its predecessor, Ryu's innovations to the style has brought it up to par by at least the beginning of Street Fighter III.

Both Ryu and Akuma consider their schools the one and only true heir to Ansatsuken.

The Basic Elements of Ansatsuken[edit]

All Ansatsuken schools descended from Goutetsu share these basic elements.

  • Hadō (Japanese: 波動 Surge) - It is the founding principle behind Ansatsuken. Through Hadō, a martial artist utilizes his/her will (or intent) to draw in ki and project it out at an opponent as a concussive force. All other Ansatsuken ki techniques are merely different applications of Hadō.
  • Shōryū (Japanese: 昇龍 Rising Dragon) - This is a set of techniques where a martial artist uses ki to propel himself/herself upward at the opponent. During the ascent, he/she is invincible to most attacks. However, his/her descent renders him/her vulnerable.
  • Tatsumakisenpū (Japanese: 竜巻旋風 Tornado Whirlwind) - The martial artist's body is supported and spun above the ground on a column of spiralling ki for a limited time.

Original Ansatsuken Techniques[edit]

All of these techniques were created by Goutetsu with the purpose of killing an opponent.

  • Gō Hadōken (Powerful Surge Fist) - A ground Hadōken/Surge Fist.
  • Gō Shōryūken (Powerful Rising Dragon Fist) - A more life-threatening version of the Shōryūken. It knocks out the opponent off the ground and air-cuts foes as the fist is rising. A well-placed Gō Shōryūken can mean instant death to anyone.
  • Tatsumaki Zankū Kyaku (Tornado Air Cutting Feet) - A more life-threatening version of the Tatsumaki Senpū Kyaku. It knocks an opponent off-ground and hits opponents as they are being knocked away throughout the spin of the move. Only the Gou Shouryuuken is more potent.
  • Zankū Hadōken (Air Cutting Surge Fist) - A Hadouken/Surge Fist that is performed in the air for greater unpredictability
  • Shakunetsu Hadōken (Scorching Surge Fist) - A life-threatening Hadouken/Surge Fist with enough force behind it to burn cloth and flesh.
  • Ashura Senkū (Asura Air Flash) - The practitioner moves fast enough to appear as if he were teleporting while evading most attacks.
  • Shun Goku Satsu (Instant Hell Murder) - A hidden fatal technique whose effectiveness is based on the amount of negative karma an opponent has accrued.

Gouken Ansatsuken Techniques[edit]

Contains some of the same set of techniques, but all have been "adjusted" by Gouken to utilize Ki alternatively so that the moves won't have the "killing touch", thus the art was initially weakened. This school also has a few unique innovations and originated techniques that made this art as potent as the Goutetsu style, at the time of Street Fighter III.

  • Hadouken—A Ground Surge Fist with less gauge
  • Shouryuuken—A Rising Dragon Fist that is not as life-threatening as either the Metsu Shouryuuken or the Gou Shouryuuken
  • Tatsu Maki Senpuu Kyaku—Series of Turn-around Spin Kicks in one using the Tatsu Maki Senpuu application—won't threaten an opponent's life as opposed to the Tatsu Maki Zankuu Kyaku.
  • Shinkuu Hadouken (Vacuum Surge Fist)—A very high-gauge Hadouken which a user uses all of his will to generate a more concentrated force attack. So named because it sucks an opponent into the attack.
  • Shinkuu Tatsu Maki Senpuu Kyaku (Vacuum Tornado Whirlwind Feet)—A series of spin kicks that lack range, but sucks the opponent into the column of spiralling ki if it connects. Although this move has the potential to kill anyone, Ryu placed a lot of effort in taming this rather dangerous technique so no "killing touches" would ensue during execution of the move.
  • Shouryuu Reppa (Rising Dragon Whirlwind)—A weak, a strong Shouryuuken, and a fierce Flaming Shouryuuken are performed in rapid succession. While some people say that this move has the potential to kill opponents, believe it or not Ken did put a lot of effort in taming this one so that the move wouldn't bear such "killing touches" regardless of the strength he uses.
  • Shinryuuken (Dragon God Fist)—The practitioner utilizes both the Shouryuu and the Tatsu Maki Senpuu principle to create a Rising Dragon Fist that creates an unbelievable column of spiralling ki. While some say that this is a potentially murderous move, Ken, the originator of this move, tailored this move to be as powerful as the Messatsu Gou Rasen but without the "killing touch."
  • Shin Shouryuuken—The practitioner does a very hard Shouryuuken. If the first hit connects, a very powerful Shouryuuken follows, weakening the opponent tremendously. While some say that this is a potentially murderous move, Ryu, the originator of this move, tailored this move to be as powerful as a Messatsu Gou Shouryuu but without the "killing touch." The only known person to withstand this attack without instantly being KO'd is Hugo of the Street Fighter III games.
  • Shippu Jinrai Kyaku—A set of quick kicks followed by a Tatsu Maki Rasen, originated by Ken. Little is known about this move.
  • Denjin Hadouken—A Hadouken powered by lightning that will dizzy an opponent. The most deceiving Hadouken of the Gouken School, this Hadouken, in spite of being powered by lightning, won't kill an opponent, but will make an opponent surrender more easily. Ryu took very special care to ensure that this Hadouken would not result in death to opponent.

Akuma Ansatsuken Techniques[edit]

These techniques were either originated by, or enhanced through intensive Goutetsu Ansatsuken research by Akuma.

  • Tenma Shuretto — Is a high low counter move introduced by Akuma in Capcom vs. SNK 2. Akuma parries an attack and teleports high into the sky chopping into the opponent. This counter comes in high and low varieties.
  • Messatsu Gou Hadou/Tenma Gou Zankuu (Magnificent Surge Destructor/Heavenly Demon Surge Air Destroyer)—A more life-threatening version of the Shinkuu Hadouken which a user utilizes his will to create even a more destructive force attack. The Tenma is the aerial version of the same move based on the Zanku Hadouken.
  • Messatsu Gou Shoryuu (Magnificent Rising Dragon Destructor)—A series of two short-jump Gou Shouryuukens followed by a crushing high-jump Gou Shouryuuken which has a higher chance of pulling a one-stroke kill if well-placed. More potent than the Messatsu Gou Rasen and a single Gou Shouryuuken combined—the shorter Gou Shouryuus soften the opponent and the higher Gou Shouryuu knocks the opponent high in the air and slices the foe as the jump is ensuing. Very few fighters can withstand the destruction of the Messatsu Gou Shouryuu.
  • Messatsu Gou Rasen (Magnificent Spiral Destructor)—The practitioner applies the Tatsu Maki Senpuu in a violent fashion to produce a series of air-defying spin kicks. A well-placed Messatsu Gou Rasen, though with less likelihood than the Messatsu Gou Shouryuu, can mean instant death.
  • Kongou Kokuretsu-Zan (Continent Destroying Piercing Burst Slash)—A high-caliber, large-gauge technique discovered by Akuma at the end of 2nd Impact. Akuma utilizes the Hadou principle to the maximum extent declaring that "The Might of the Heavens resides within his fist" while he lifts his hand towards the skies. With enough Hadou in his sky-high hand, he then slams his fist into the ground and releases a massive lightning bolt that is immediately followed by a high-gauge shockwave. In his ending he cracked Uluru in half. The threat level is dependant on the opponent's distance from the move. At point blank range the move is unrivaled and more importantly unparriable. At a distance one is safe, but Akuma's recovery is very quick so the battle is still on. Any opponent above Akuma will be destroyed by the lightning bolt.
  • Misogi—(Purifier)-A deadlier, more life-threatening alternative to the Kongou Kokuretsu Zan—This move has Akuma teleporting into the air and slamming an opponent spot-on with a life-threatening chop. While the Kongou Kokuretsu Zan required Akuma to remain in one place to perform his attack, this move was basically modified from the Kongou Kokuretsu Zan so that Akuma can target his opponent and "land for a kill" for an even more lethal effect. When Akuma hits the ground a shockwave follows him and he enters the Side Fist Stance, as a result whereas with the Kongou Kokuretsu-Zan he was vulnerable before the move executed with this he is vulnerable after. This move has severe consequences if the practitioner misses with this attack as the Misogi user needs massive time to recover since the move drains the practitioner beyond imagination. This move could be considered a super version of the Tenma Shuretto.
  • Tenshou Kaireki-Jin (Ascending Heaven Ocean Trampling Blade)— Is Akuma's latest addition to his attack list seen only in his 3rd Strike ending. This move is capable of splitting a large ship in two. This move is believed to be based off the Messatsu Gou Rasen.


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