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Born 1983
Residence Staffordshire, England

About Æthelred[edit]

Æthelred is a Wulfrunian Wikipedian, joining on 10 November 2010 with an addition and edit to Pendeford. His interests are early English history on a national scale, local history, football, ale, and conservation of heritage (buildings, customs, tradition and so on). His favourite music is folk & metal.

Æthelred is proud of his working class roots. He purchases organic food whenever possible, and uses local individual stores over supermarkets when given the choice.

Wikipedia work[edit]

Æthelred enjoys updating & creating pages on the Black Country and South Staffordshire area in general. Edits include updating information on English place names and history - particularly in the Black Country, early English history, and Non-league football.

Pages created[edit]

Current work[edit]

Updating Black Country places, and structuring. Additions to non-league football related articles. Adding images. Working on a cleanup drive, requesting proper sources and so forth.

Images Added[edit]

And many more here


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Thanks for your vote on Hugh Montgomery (historian) Æthelred. Great name by the way. I hope more people like yourself come forward in appreciation of his scholarly work on the Viking dynasties. Paul Bedsontalk 19:57, 8 November 2012 (UTC)
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