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I live in the United States. I enjoy playing the piano and I also compose piano music. My parents and their children are going to Papua New Guinea to be missionaries and build an orphanage. I desire to become a missions pilot to Korea or Africa but it is uncertain when that will happen.

Despite my user name being written in Greek letters, I am from the USA (not Greece). My user name, Αδελφος (Adelphos, in English) means brother in Christ and gets its origin from the Bible when Christians called each other "brother".
Note. Αδελφος literally means "brother" but is used as "brother in Christ"

I hope to aid Wikipedia by contributing to articles such as

    • Astronomy and astronomy related articles
    • Translating English articles into Tok Pisin
    • The Korean language (in the future)

I also hope to make religious articles more reliable

This would include:

  1. Verfying doctrines of God;
  2. Fixing errant articles about God;
  3. And contributing to Bible related articles.

My favorite page is the Korean language page: Mostly because I love learning languages and am interested in Korean now. I have found it to be mostly correct. The only problem with it is it doesn't include an explanation of Patchim. Maybe I will edit the page to include it.


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