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Red flag II.svgThis user is a Socialist.
Unlocked.svg This user has a Lame Password.
i +This user has made over i contributions to Wikipedia and, as a result, may be slightly insane.
FlaggedRevs-1-1.svgFlaggedRevs-2-1.svgFlaggedRevs-3-1.svgThis user supports the implementation of flagged revisions in the form of pending changes.
Featured article candidate.svgThis user is working to get the article Coal ball to featured article status.
US Air Force 021105-O-9999G-001 Spirit in the blue sky.jpgThis user reviews false positive reports for ClueBot NG to help revert vandalism on Wikipedia.
Portal.svgThis user is a member of the AWWDMBJAWGCA
We acknowledge and appreciate things of value; we just cut away the crap around it.This user is a member of the Association of Exclusionist Wikipedians.