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Leonid Dzhepko / Леонид Джепко

Leonid Dzhepko (aka User:Leonid Dzhepko in, and aka "User:Л.П. Джепко") is an English-Russian legal translator, editor and a certified lawyer. I hold a Candidate of Science degree (PhD equivalent) in lingustics.


  • I believe that anyone should have free access to information, and no information should be lost.
  • I believe that copyright protection should not exceed 30 years after the author's death. 70 years of copyright protection is nonsense, reductio ad absurdum; it is unjust enrichment for those who have not created the work! Just think: The clever man who did the job is dead. He died fifty, sixty years ago, but some people (who are not clever enough to create something of their own) are still receiving money for something they never created. And there are persons who say that current copyright protection period should be extended from current 70 years to 100 years. Unbelievable!

Major contributions

I am much more active in, where I have created more than 1,000 new articles.

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