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i am active mainly on hewiki. in enwiki, i am more involved with scripting and technology than with content.

some interesting scripts: i created most of them, but some are wrapper around stuff other people did. i try to give credit where due. this list is not in any particular order.

  • watchlistMark: As you know, when scanning Recentchanges, the pages in your watchlist appear in boldface. This script adds similar functionality to the pages "User contribution" and to Category pages. In addition, it adds under the page title a little button, that when pressed, adds "watch" link after each page, so you can easily add half (or all) pages in a particular category to your watchlist. For watched pages, the link becomes "Remove". same for pages in "User contribution".
  • Watchlist scout: Will poll your watchlist every time you go to a new page, and every 60 seconds hence. If there are unread pages in your watchlist (i.e., pages that would display in boldface on your watchlist), it jumps a message box similar to the "someone left you a message", with links to your watchlist, to the modified pages, and to their history.
  • Template Parameters Wizard: i mentioned it here before, but i take the opportunity to plug it here again. this script helps fill template parameters when editing
  • "In place" rollback (only for users with "rollback" permissions): this script changes the behavior of "rollback" button, such that instead of switching to the version diff page, you stay in place while the target page is rolled back. can be useful in conjunction with "popup". Also, right-clicking the "rollback" link allows you to add a summary to the rollback
  • Hide HotCat markers: If you are like me, you love HotCat functionality, but you hate the way it uglify the Categories section at the bottom of each article. this script hides all the ugliness, and adds "HC" at the right edge of the categories div. pressing the HC will expose all of hotcat controls, and pressing it again will re-hide them (personally, i think this is the way HotCat should have worked from the start).
  • Personal edit tools: allows you to add personalized edit tools in a subpage of your user space that are available when editing. you can have general toos *and* namespace specifci tools.
  • subpages: (this is not so important now, because the "page info" in toolbox has a subpages link. it is convenient, thoug): this will add "Subpages" link to the toolbox in any page in wikipedia. in order to use it, add to your Special:MyPage/common.js the following line:
    mw.util.addPortletLink('p-tb', mw.util.wikiGetlink('Special:PrefixIndex/' + wgPageName), 'Subpages');


Those who are active on Commons (the image hosting wikimedia wiki that's used to share files among all wimimedia wikis), may be familiar with Cat-A-Lot. This is an extremely powerful categorization tool. Basically, when viewing a category, it allows you to select some or all the pages and subcategories, and execute batch-operation on the selected pages, such as adding a new category, removing the selected pages from current category, moving them to a subcategory, moving them to a super category, or moving them to a new category. This tool was originally written by User:Magnus Manske, and then rewritten by a German wikipedian named de:User:DieBuche. the code is here: Commons:Mediawiki:Gadget-Cat-a-lot.js. this tool is especially useful when changing the structures of categories, e.g., when deciding to create a new subcategory, and then move (or just add) many of the pages in the original category to this subcat, or when there is a need to change category name: one creates the new category with the new name, and then, in a single batch operation, move all the pages from the old name to the new one. the help page for cat-a-lot is here: commons:Help:Gadget-Cat-a-lot.

Until recently, the tool in commons only worked with files, but not with regular pages. a couple of years back, i copied the code from commons to hewiki, and hammered on it enough so it agreed to work with regular articles. we've been using this tool in hewiki for a couple of years now, with great success. i believe some other wikis (specifically fawiki, maybe more) took this basterdize code and are using it.

over the years there were several requests, including in WP:VPT to import this tool to enwiki.

Well, the good news is that User:Rillke, added some new features to the Commons version of Cat-A-Lot, and specifically, taught it to deal with regular pages, not just files.

you can now use Cat-A-Lot in enwiki by adding the following 3 lines to your Special:Mypage/common.js:

window.catALotPrefs = {editpages:  true};

to make life a tiny bit easier, i created a page that contain exactly those 3 lines, so you can get cat-a-lot by including this single line: