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Articles Translated[edit]

Classical Mechanics[edit]

Action-angle coordinates, Action (physics), Angular acceleration, Canonical coordinates, Canonical transformation, Cartesian coordinate system, Central force, Classical Mechanics, Coefficient of restitution, Commensurability (astronomy), Commensurability (mathematics), Concentric, Conical coordinates, Constant of motion, Coordinate surface, D'Alembert's principle, Displacement (vector), Dyadic tensor, Eccentricity vector, Euler's rotation theorem, Euler angles, Generalized coordinates, Generalized force, Generating function (physics), Glossary of classical physics, Hamilton's principle, Hodograph, Holonomic, Initial value problem, Isosurface, Kepler's laws of planetary motion, Kepler problem, Kinematics, Laplace-Runge-Lenz vector, Macroscopic, Macroscopic scale, Moment of inertia, Monochrome, Monogenic system, Nonholonomic system, Parallel axis theorem, Perpendicular axes rule, Physical body, Position (vector), Position operator, Position vector, Radius of gyration, Reaction (physics), Reduced mass, Rheonomous, Rigid body, Rotation group, Rotational energy, Scleronomous, Statically indeterminate, Statics, Stretch rule, Translational kinematics, Virtual displacement, Virtual work

Quantum Mechanics[edit]

Angular momentum operator, Coherence (physics), Copenhagen interpretation, Davisson–Germer experiment, Delta potential, Double-slit experiment, Ehrenfest theorem, Expectation value (quantum mechanics), Fermi gas, Fine structure, Finite potential barrier (QM), Finite potential well, Franck–Hertz experiment, Gas in a box, Heisenberg picture, Hydrogen-like atom, Hydrogen atom, Identical particles, Interaction picture, Invariant (physics), Momentum operator, Moseley's law, Normalisable wave function, Observable, Old quantum theory, Operator (physics), Particle in a box, Particle in a spherically symmetric potential, Perturbation theory (quantum mechanics), Phase factor, Planck density, Planck energy, Planck momentum, Planck particle, Planck power, Planck units, Plum pudding model, Probability amplitude, Probability current, Quantum state, Quantum tunnelling, Rectangular potential barrier, Rectangular potential barrier (QM), Rotational invariance, Rutherford model, Rutherford scattering, Scattering, Schrodinger equation, Schrödinger equation, Schrödinger picture, Spin-orbit interaction, State vector, Stationary state, Transmission coefficient, Two-state quantum system, Uncertainty principle, WKB approximation, Wave packet, Wavenumber


Coulomb's law, Electric conductivity, Electric conductance, Electrostatics, Ground (electricity), Method of image charges, Statcoulomb


Arnold Sommerfeld, Carl David Tolmé Runge, Geoffrey Ingram Taylor, Jakob Hermann, Johann Bernoulli, Pierre Louis Maupertuis, Richard Sillitto, Valentine Bargmann, Wilhelm Lenz


Apollonian circles, Biangular coordinates, Bipolar coordinates, Bipolar cylindrical coordinates, Bispherical coordinates, Cylindrical coordinate system, Ellipsoidal coordinates, Elliptic coordinates, Elliptic cylindrical coordinates, First variation, Four-vector, Fundamental lemma of calculus of variations, Gullstrand-Painlevé coordinates, Hyperbolic coordinates, Hyperboloid, Imaginary unit, Legendre transformation, Linear function, Oblate spheroidal coordinates, Orientation (geometry), Parabolic coordinates, Parabolic cylindrical coordinates, Paraboloidal coordinates, Perturbation theory, Prolate spheroidal coordinates, Separation of variables, Spherical coordinate system, Spheroid, Table of spherical harmonics, Toroidal coordinates, Two-center bipolar coordinates, University of Milan