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"Utrinque Paratus."Nosey Little Devil! This User Supports His Local Team


"Football is a terrible game, you know. It's got a bit of Sky TV money now, and a lot of people are coming to games who wouldn't know Stanley Matthews from Bernard Matthews. The stands are full of people who can't tell you anything about the game unless it happened after 1990. They're either so conceited or so stupid that they believe football was invented just five minutes before they became interested in it. And don't get me started on the players. I'm telling you, in a few years' time, managers will have no power at all we'll all be redundant. The players will be in charge. They'll have wardrobes the size of houses, houses the size of castles and more cars than Formula One. What's more, they'll have so much money that most of 'em won't know how to spend it. They'll have agents and hair stylists and some lass in a short skirt to do their publicity. I'm glad I won't be around for all that crap–'cos the manager won't get a look in, and that's not my way....hey, don't laugh–I'm deadly serious." Brian Clough, 1993.