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"Me & the Rhythm"
Promotional single by Selena Gomez
from the album Revival
Released October 2, 2015 (2015-10-02)
Format Digital download
Recorded 2015
Length 3:33
Revival track listing
"Me & the Rhythm"

"Me & the Rhythm" is a song by American recording artist Selena Gomez, included as the eighth track on her second studio album, Revival (2015). It was released as the album's first and only promotional single by Interscope Records on October 2, 2015.

Upon release, "Me & the Rhythm" received positive reviews from contemporary music critics, who praised the song's


"I think [Gomez] is a lot like [Tranter] and I, in the way that... When you find something that you feel connected to, and it's real and it's honest, you don't let it go."[1]

— Julia Michaels, on the similarities between herself and Gomez

In early 2015, songwriters Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter booked a two-hour studio session to work on completing several unfinished demos with producer Nick Monson, before they were pitched to record labels. However, they finished in only forty-five minutes. Not wanting to waste their money, the group decided to create several new demos, which resulted in the initial skeletal versions of "Nobody" and "Good for You". Having already pitched Gomez several songs for her then-untitled sophomore album, Tranter's A&R brought forward the idea of sending their work with Monson to singer, although Tranter assumed she would turn them down, saying he thought they were "too indie" for her. To their surprise, Gomez was ebullient over their work, and requested that the pair join her in the studio to collaborate on the songs in person.[2][1] Before recording "Good for You" and "Nobody", more specifically the former, Gomez was beginning to grow tired from pressuring herself into creating a unique sound for the album. However, she credits "Good for You", along with Michaels and Tranter, as inspiring the sonic blueprint for the rest of Revival.[3]

Regarding their work together, the singer said they created "magic" and felt an unusual creative bond with the pair, telling Nolan Feeney of Time that she became "obsessed" with the duo.[4] Before working with Gomez, Michaels had never collaborated in person with a performer, and was nervous about meeting her. During their initial introduction, the singer told her: "I feel like you're going through the same things I am because everything you write, I feel, and it's so much a part of my life that it's almost scary."[1] In her interview with Feeney, Gomez explained she developed a bond similar to family with the album's writers and producers. Elaborating further, the singer revealed that working with Michaels and Tranter felt natural, as their working relationship began to evolve into a personal friendship.[4] During an interview with Spin, Tranter told journalist Brennan Carley that Gomez and Michaels share a unique relationship together, saying Michaels is "definitely very in tune with the world of Selena. They're the same age, they're both gorgeous and Latin and they live in Los Angeles. So there's a lot of emotional similarities."[2]

Recording and release[edit]

"Everyone's on their phones, everyone's doing this, and it's just about you and what you're experiencing in that moment."[5]

— Gomez, on the inspiration behind "Me & the Rhythm"

Gomez's collaborations with Michaels and Tranter continued throughout the rest of the album's recording, including the singer's work in Mexico and subsequent return to Los Angeles. By June 2015, Gomez felt that Revival was complete, and the album's lead single, "Good for You", was set to be released at the end of the month. The song was an unexpected success, becoming a sleeper hit worldwide, and peaked in the top five of the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. Inspired by the success of the track, Gomez requested that the album's mixing be delayed in order to work for an additional four days with Michaels and Tranter. The singer chose to collaborate with Swedish production duo Mattman & Robin, and the grouped created three songs, including "Hands to Myself" and "Me & the Rhythm".[4] "Me & the Rhythm" was written by Tranter, Michaels, Robin Fredriksson, Mattias Larsson, and Gomez. Fredriksson and Larsson, credited under their production name Mattman & Robin, produced the song itself along with the singer's vocals, and were also responsible for the track's programming, drums, percussion, synths, and bass. "Me & the Rhythm" was recorded and tracked by the duo, with assistance from Juan Carlos Torrado, at both Wolf Cousins Studio in Stockholm, Sweden, and Interscope Studios in Santa Monica, California. Michaels contributed additional background vocals to the track, before it was sent to be engineered by John Hanes, and later mixed by Serban Ghenea at Mixstar Studios in Virginia Beach, Virginia.[6] "Me & the Rhythm" was released on October 2, 2015, as the album's first and only promotional single, and third release overall, following singles "Good for You" and "Same Old Love".[7]


Musically, "Me & the Rhythm" is a subtle, minimalistic R&B, dance, and pop song,[8][9][10] drawing heavily from disco music,[9][8][11] along with synthpop and electropop, to a lesser degree.[10] It features a "smoky" '70s club-vibe production; containing heavy, "smoky" synths, steel drums, "pulsating" percussion, groove-driven disco baselines, a slight island flair, and a spoken word bridge similar to works of Janet Jackson.[10][8][12] Digital Spy reviewer Lewis Corner said that "Me & the Rhythm" was "[Gomez's] turn to carry the baton for '80s-influenced pop, albeit with a suggestive wink."[13] Ira Madison of Vulture called it a "hypnotic-as-hell dance track", and compared it to the works of Britney Spears and Lady Gaga.[9] Mike Wass of Idolator viewed "Me & the Rhythm" as an "updated and refined" evolution of her music from Stars Dance, comparing the track to the music on Kylie Minogue's Fever (2001), and Robyn's Body Talk (2010), while saying: "There’s an air of sophistication to the arrangement and vocal delivery that sets it apart."[10]

As the song opens over a "pulsing" disco beat,[14] Gomez describes how music can be used as a form of release from everyday life: "Ooh, the rhythm takes you over / Takes you to a different place / A different space".[15] In the pre-chorus she continues this idea in a more seductive direction, noting that strangers can loose their inhibitions on the dance floor, connected in the moment purely through music: "And everybody wants to be touched / Everybody wants to get some / But don't you play a song about love / When I move my body / I don't have to talk about none / Let the chemicals do its stuff / Til the energy is too much".[15] "Me & the Rhythm" celebrates independence and female sexuality, with Gomez saying it's "more about being free within that moment, being free within yourself, and it's not about love. It's just about feeling that moment and being present."[5] This theme is most prominently observed in the lines "Ooh, I start to feel it now / Feeling like I'm truly free / I'm free in me", and during the song's chorus, in which Gomez's vocals feature an upward climb in pitch: "Yeah all I need / Is the rhythm, me & the rhythm / Nothing between / Yeah the rhythm, me & the rhythm".[15][8]

Critical reception[edit]

Ira Madison of Vulture opined that "Me & the Rhythm" was a continuation of Gomez's distinct, newly-formed sound. She praised the track's maturity and production, calling "Me & the Rhythm" Gomez's best song since "Love You Like a Love Song", saying: "when you hear it, it sounds like an old favorite you've been spinning for years."[9] Fuse reviewer Zach Dionne complimented the track's sexiness and balance of romanticism with club-readiness, saying "this song might be our favorite Revival tune to date."[16] Emilee Lindner of MTV News deemed it a modern take on '70s glam music, calling "Me & the Rhythm" a "disco-like jam that'll have you wanting to strap on you skates and hit the roller rink."[17] Brittany Spanos of Rolling Stone said the song was: "a riff on the classic theme of losing yourself on the dance floor [...] that nonetheless finds her sounding completely in control of her own euphoria."[18]

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