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Those of you familiar with C or C++ programming languages understand the meaning of my username.

Those of you that aren't probably do not, so for your benefit: (void*) (pronounced cast to void pointer) is used to convert a "pointer" of specific "type" into one of the most general kind. In C, it's a fairly common practice to do this, though in C++, it's somewhat frowned upon.

Hence this choice of names, being one that takes specific information and makes it generally available. The mission of Wikipedia (and sister reference sites) seems right in line with this mindset, so I think I've found a nice home here.

But like the practice of casting to void pointer, it seems the (void*) username is not without controversy. Though some administrative users have cautiously expressed reservations, yes, it is a valid username; the software has no problems, neither with parens nor asterisks. As a matter of policy, too, it should be clear that there's no offensive meaning nor malicious intent, so the name should not run afoul of these more "artificial" constraints. (If you're such a user and have been referred here, perhaps you'll consider reevaluating...?)

Keegan: Yes, we're all one and the same.


I've used Mediawiki a fair amount in a private setting, so I'm fairly familiar with the software. But Wikipedia et al. is so much more than links and lists, templates and talk pages, so for the time being, I've contented myself with gnomish pursuits, putting the polish on topics.

See you around.