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Greetings, salutations, etc. Welcome to my page.

My synapse patterns[edit]

Paradoxically speaking, at this instant in time (vs. your previous), which function would you like to use? Or,

IFF (math != your(game)) {
  try {
    linguistics(dī-gǎm'ə, dī-gǒm'ə);
  } catch (Exception e) {
    inline: {
       move   error01,$a0       # load the error msg
       move   #5C,$d0           # set routine mode
       move   #8A01,$a1         # load string print routine
       jsr    $a1
       # dataseg error01="[ERR] That didn't work.\nAGA\0"
(default (

Nevertheless, through inference, according to the Greeks, this user is obsolete.

Wikipedia browsing patterns[edit]

I generally browse Wikipedia for interesting information - learning for the pure enjoyment and enrichment of life. Occassionally, I'll find an article I can contribute to (based on experience, knowledge, or grammar/spelling correction). I have some interest in developing a wikibot and am researching the field.

I don't have any particular editing objective, but as with most wikipedians, I tend to frequent certain articles whose subject matter I have particular interest in. These tend to be related to technology, plumbing and water treatment (instances of living (i.e. organic) networks), heavy equipment, machines that support the infrastructure of industry, and mass media entertainment.

I have an unusual fascination with bridges, tunnels, and puddles. Fortunately, I live in a city with many bridges, tunnels, and rain.

Offline activities[edit]

  • On rare days that I'm feeling particularly discontinuous, I enjoy contemplating the contents of the null device, it's depth, appearance, and temporal characteristics. If you have observations on this, please feel free to add them on my talk page. You can also review my own contemplations on my null page.
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