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How does a 007Fan know what Toyota Supras is?[edit]

You have a pic of my car on your page. Wicked cool. --DOHC Holiday (talk) 21:02, 29 April 2009 (UTC)

007fan28 welcomes you[edit]

Hello, I'm 007fan28 and I'm new here.

I was born in Illinois and only lived there for the first 4 years of my life. Then, we moved to Maryland for business reasons. I attended Candlewood Elementary School, Robert Frost Middle School, and Northwest High School.

After graduating at Northwest, after leaving my parent's home, traveled to Canada to attend Normon Paterson School of International Affairs of Carleton University at Ottawa. After graduating there, I moved back to the United States to Baltimore.

I am now married, and have 3 special children.

I am also a licensed pilot, even though I have never flown a plane (I was a pilot once, but after an almost- an- accidental incident, I quite) I, however still have my license. However, my main profession is being a diplomat.

For three years, We lived in Munich, but was forced to move back.

For five months, we lived in London, but once again was forced to move back.

Today's quote[edit]

Cquote1.pngTwo paradoxes are better than one; they may even suggest a solution.. Cquote2.png

Edward Teller

Today's News[edit]

Se'are Mekonnen
Se'are Mekonnen

Did You Know[edit]

Ranbir Singh
Ranbir Singh

Today's article[edit]

Vladimir Lenin in 1895
Vladimir Lenin

A bank robbery was committed by Bolsheviks on 26 June 1907 in the city of Tiflis, Russian Empire, what is now Georgia's capital, Tbilisi. Planned by Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Maxim Litvinov, Leonid Krasin, and Alexander Bogdanov, it was carried out by revolutionaries led by Stalin's early associate Kamo. The attack killed forty people and injured fifty others; the robbers escaped with 341,000 rubles. The Bolsheviks were unable to use most of the large banknotes they had stolen because the serial numbers were known to the police. Lenin thought of a plan to have the notes cashed simultaneously throughout Europe, but this strategy failed. Kamo was imprisoned for this and other crimes, but was released after the Russian Revolution; no other major conspirator was ever tried. After his death, Kamo was buried under a monument constructed near the robbery site, but the grave and monument have since been removed. (Full article...)

My Travel's[edit]

Note: In 1986, because of my profession, I was forced to stay in the Soviet Union due to diplomatic reasons. I only stayed there for a week.

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