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Basically, for now I am just going to post as shut fuck ton of user boxes because they are fucking annoying and ridiculously ego centric. I will, at least, be honest and informative by only posting user boxes which are relevant and appropriate to yours truly...formatting to come later...[edit]


I work in the Automotive service industry. My work is in the field of advanced automotive coding and diagnostics on most European autos however my specialties are the BMW and Mercedes Benz systems, specifically. I drive a Honda because it's far more economical, practical, reliable, cheap and easy to maintain and/or repair among many other good reasons. Despite having somewhat limited skills as a physical automotive technician, there is literally no a thing in my Accord which I can't maintenance, diagnose, fix or replace myself...and cheaply. That is, if anything ever actually needs to be done outside of basic maintenance! Purchased new in 2004 and currently pushing 120k miles, I have not had a single mechanical or electrical failure or had to spend a single penny outside of basic maintenance on the vehicle while averaging close to 30mpg (on regular ofc)...but if you ask me what to buy I'm pretty much going to make you believe there is no choice other than Benz or Bimmer so you can bring it to me for that $2500 repair the very day your factory warranty ends. :p


I have a wide, far-reaching and sometimes seemingly contradictory range of interests (like environmentalism and automotive racing). My most passionate interests include: Science and sciences in general. psychology, philosophy, computers, computer science, computer technology, computer security and programming. Music, all kinds but mostly instrumental. also, improvisation.

Information. Information in general. Information exchange. Communication. Linguistics and language in general. Sociology, social structures, culture, cultures, memes and memetics. Anthropology. Physics. (Mother) Earth, the cosmos and universe. Networks. The Internet.

Automotive anything in general, specifically German. Porchce. Automotive racing, F1. Sports: Ice Hockey, martial arts, gymnastics.

I am interested in and very much up on politriks, but I try to stay away from it.

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