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Shores of Hazeron
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Developer(s) Software Engineering Inc.
Publisher(s) Software Engineering Inc.
Platform(s) Linux, Microsoft Windows
Release date(s) 2008
Genre(s) MMORPG
Mode(s) multiplayer

Shores of Hazeron (SoH) is an expansive 4X worldbuilding science fiction massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in a truly massive galaxy created by Procedural generation with a high degree of variety. It was developed by a small team of independent programmers at Software Engineering Inc. using cross platform technology which allows the game to play equally well using the Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems. Players interact with the stars and planets generated by the host servers to construct collaborative empires that can span many worlds.

Shores of Hazeron encourages creativity by allowing players to fashion the look of their own race, space craft, empire colors, and cities to name a few. The setting of the game is truly massive. It takes place in a four spiral arm galaxy containing many thousands of star systems that each contain procedurally generated planets, plants, animals, resources, and exotic structures [1]. Each of these systems can be traveled to in a seamless universe using direct travel or by using wormholes as point to point shortcuts.

Updates to the game are released regularly and often on a weekly basis. The developer team is small but innovative both in technical content and their philosophy to online management. Shores of Hazeron is run with a Libertarian flair by placing little restrictions on the creative choices players make in the game. Indeed, the developers have encouraged players to "Take them on in their own game" [2] which is representative of their philosophy that no player should be elevated above others; this holds even if that player helped to develop the game itself.


Development of Shores of Hazeron was done in house by a group of developers at Software Engineering Inc. They elected to develop their own 3D engine for the game to allow for the unique capabilities that the current product boast. Emphasis was also placed on cross platform capability through the use of OpenGL and other open libraries accessible to many computer operating systems. The game is now in its third "round" which is their name for an iterative major release. Each major release has reset the universe giving all players an equal start but allowing them to retain their creative designs from previous rounds. Bug fixes and feature additions are common on a weekly release schedule.


A game about space.


Shores of Hazeron has slowly been gathering attention since its first release as the game gains maturity and polish. It has been indexed on many online MMO aggregation page and has received generally positive feedback from players. Criticisms of the game have been largely technical reflecting the constant stage of development that Shores of Hazeron is undertaking at this stage. PC Gamer has published a small internet article about the game where they comment on the sheer scale of the project [3].


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