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Some articles that I have edited:

See also my page on Wikiquote. I also have an account on Commons.

FCC Commissioners[edit]

Related to a non-Wikipedia project, I have also been working on improving the biographies of members of the Federal Communications Commission, including:


In December, 2017, I spent a great deal of time expanding the coverage of the sport of skeleton, particularly with respect biographical coverage of the women athletes. I created the following articles (which may have been edited by someone else in the mean time):

In addition, I uploaded photos of most of the women who competed at the first World Cup stop of the 2017–18 season in Lake Placid to Commons. I have been cross-checking all the athlete bios against the official IBSF database and IBSF media guides/press releases, plus national federation Web sites where available, to make sure that the data in infoboxes and article text is correct and up to date.