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sk Tento redaktor má slovenčinu ako materinský jazyk.
cs-3 Tento uživatel je schopen plynně komunikovat česky.
en-3 This user can contribute with an advanced level of the English language.
ru-1 Этот участник владеет русским языком на начальном уровне.
de-1 Dieser Benutzer hat grundlegende Deutschkenntnisse.
fr-0 Cet utilisateur ne comprend pas le français ou seulement avec des difficultés notables.
es-0 Este usuario no entiende español (o lo entiende con mucha dificultad).
This user cannot speak or contribute in Spanish.
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Ianus aka ianus777 aka 14nu5 in various corners of the Net. A freelancer in the field of CAD and architecture, a couple years after university studies, living and working in Bratislava (already).

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