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Year of The Rain (Chinese: 那年,雨不停國) is a TV series from Taiwan (Link label). The director of the TV series is Chen Hui Ling. It is produced by Vanness Wu.

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Remains of Xiaolin 31aug09.jpg
Xiao-Lin village after Morakot typhoon
Genre TV series
Created by Vanness Wu
Developed by Yu Bei Hua
Written by Xia Kang Zhen
, Wu Zhi Yu, Li Yi Fang, Zhao Quan
Directed by Chen Hui Ling 陳慧翎
Starring Jian Man Shu 簡嫚書, Zhang Shu Hao 張書豪, Zhang Jie 張捷, Ke Shu Qin 柯淑勤
Wu Peng Feng 吳朋奉, Xie Qiong Nuan 謝瓊煖, Su Bing Xian 蘇炳憲
Theme music composer Su Sheng Yu蘇聖育
Opening theme Yu Mei Ting Guo (雨沒停過) by Soft Lipa (蛋堡)
Ending theme A Thousand Wind(千風之歌)by Jimmy Hung (洪天祥)
Composer(s) Soft Lipa (蛋堡)
Country of origin  Republic of China
Original language(s) Taiwanese Mandarin (中華民國國語)
No. of episodes 6 episode
Executive producer(s) Zhou Yi Quan (周毅銓)
Producer(s) Vanness Wu (吳建豪), Jimmy Hung (洪天祥), Tu Bai Feng (涂百鋒)
Location(s)  Taiwan New Taipei City Gongliao District
Cinematography Chen Guo Long (陳國隆)
Editor(s) Wu Zi Ying (吳姿瑩)
Running time 50 minutes
Production company(s) Public Television Service (公共電視文化事業基金會)
Original network Taiwan Public Television Service Foundation
Picture format NTSC
Audio format AC3
First shown in  Taiwan
Original release May 15 (2010-05-15) – May 29, 2010 (2010-05-29)
Related shows Autumn's Concerto
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"I hate it when it rains, but I have moved to the place where it rains the most - Taiwan..."

Year of The Rain is the first TV series that concern about the Typhoon Morakot disaster that happened in August, 2009 in Taiwan. It was directed by the director of Autumn's Concerto - Chen Hui ling and produced by a famous singer, actor - Vanness Wu. This is also the first time for Vanness Wu to be a producer. The main actors are Jian Man Shu and Zhang Shu Hao, also some actors who have lots of experience, for example Liu Shui-Chi, Isa Hsieh, You An Shun and Ding Qiang.

Year of The Rain is produce by the production team of Autumn's Concerto. There are total 6 episodes.

Characters List[edit]

Main Characters[edit]

Actors/Actresses Roles Introduction
Jian Man Shu Lin Yu Jing The female lead of Year of The Rain.
Zhang Shu Hao Zhang Fu Hai The male lead of Year of The Rain.
Zhang Jie Zhou Ming Huang The keyboard player of the band.
Ke Shu Qin Wang Xiao Ling Lin Yu Jing's mother. She left her when she was young. She came back when Lin Yu Jing lost her father and her grandmather. Lin Yu Jing knew that her mother's life was a mess and she wanted to help her. But Wang Xiao Ling knew that she couldn't give Lin Yu Jing a good life, so she decided change herself before she meet Lin Yu Jing again.
Wu Peng Feng Lin Jian Wen Lin Yu Jing's uncle.
Xie Qiong Nuan Li Xiu Ling Lin Yu Jing's aunt.
Su Bing Xian Lao Ai The coach of the band.

Other Characters[edit]

Actors/Actresses Roles Introduction
Linda Liu Chen Mei Fang Zhang Fu Hai's mother.
Ding Qiang Zhang Jia Hong Zhang Fu Hai's father.
Zhang Pei Jie Zhang Fu Hai's sister.
Wang Man Jiao Grandma Lin Yu Jing's grandmother.
You An Shun Liu Zheng Fa Wang Xiao Ling's boyfriend.
Wang Nian Yu Lin Jian Hong Lin Yu Jing's father.
Lin Jun Yong Chen Ying Jun The leader of the band.


Viewership Rank[edit]

AC Nielsen
Episode 1: No.77
Episode 2: No.41
Episode 3: No.40
Episode 4: No.36
Episode 5: No.28
Episode 6: No.16

Finalists & Awards[edit]

2010(the 45th) Golden Bell Awards:


  • Drama program guide (director) Award - Chen Hui Ling
  • Channel Advertising Award


  • Drama program Award
  • Best Actress Award for drama programs - Jian Man Shu
  • Drama program for best supporting actress - Ke Shu Qin
  • Drama programs Screenplay Award

Other Related Things[edit]


  1. Open (Soundtrack)
  2. Rush Memory (Soundtrack)
  3. Father's song -Piano solo (Soundtrack)
  4. Leaving (Soundtrack)
  5. Yu Mei Ting Guo (Theme Song)
  6. Hao Xiang
  7. Oh Love
  8. A Thousand Wind


  1. Name: Year of The Rain 3 DVD+ CD
  2. Issuing Company: Public Television Service
  3. Date: 2010/08/13
  4. Category: Video
  5. Total disc: 4
  • Information About The Videos
  1. Running Time: 531 minutes
  2. Director: Chen Hui Ling
  3. Main Characters: Jian Man Shu, Zhang Shu Hao, Zhang Jie, Ke Shu Qin, Wu Peng Feng, Xie Qiong Nuan, Su Bing Xian
  4. Capacities: 2 discs of DVD5, 1 disc of DVD9, 1 CD
  5. Subtitles: Chinese
  6. Audio: Dolby 5.1


  1. Title
  2. Open
  3. Rush Memory
  4. Dropping Silence
  5. Father's Song (Quartets version)
  6. Water Girl
  7. Little Stars (Big Band version)
  8. Conflict
  9. Father's Song (Piano Solo)
  10. Mother
  11. Mother and Girl
  12. Memory
  13. Pray
  14. Encounter
  15. Leaving
  16. Fruit Store
  17. Father's Song (Sax and Strings)
  18. Father's Song (Big Band)
  19. A Thousand Winds (Big Band)
  20. Coda

Film Locations[edit]


  • Part one of "Embracing Being Young: The Deepest Area of the Soul (擁抱青春靈魂最深處三部曲)" three-part series.
  • Nokia N73 - The cellphone that Ling Yu Jian used in the film.


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External links[edit]

  1. Year of The Rain Official Site [4]
  2. Lighthouse San-Diao-Jiao [5]