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Hello. I thought I might need a header before I started to go crazy here with different sections and stuff you don't need to read (except for the userboxes and templates). Jimbo Peeking.gif


I'm from Minnesota, USA. My favorite subjects are History and Literature. I spend my time on wikipedia wandering through talk pages of articles on those subjects, adding my two cents on conversations that took place years ago, too late for my opinion to matter, or making people explain to me why my suggestions are trash. I also have a talent for screwing things up. Angry rants should be placed on my talk page.

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A WikiOgre who has ventured out of his cave, advancing on five unsuspecting Wikipedia articles.
The Signpost
25 September 2017


DON'T DO IT!!!! Vandals are uncooperative and don't edit where they should, here. If there is anything amiss about this page, blame them.

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