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Hi there, I'm Rhiannon. I've dabbled in editing Wikipedia from my other account (User:Grisette) for a few years now. That's my fun account where I'd like to keep on making contructive edits and maybe contributing some more articles on various things I'm interested in. I work at Beutler Ink with User:WWB Too, User:Inkian Jason and User:Danilo Two (and previously worked with User:ChrisPond, User:Morzabeth and User:Heatherer), and like those accounts, I've set up this one only for making contributions to articles or topics where I may have a financial conflict of interest or vested interest.

For total clarity, I'll always disclose potential conflicts or vested interest on Talk pages where I discuss edits using this account. Unless otherwise noted, I was paid for my contributions as part of my work with Beutler Ink for all the pages listed below. My aim to to ensure that I follow all the relevant guidelines, make constructive edits and contribute productively to discussions. If you have any feedback on my editing, or would like to ask me any questions, please do leave me a note on my Talk page and I'll be happy to reply.

Oh, by the way - if you were wondering about the name of this account, I discovered that I share my name with a small Amor asteroid: 16912 Rhiannon, also known as 1998 EP8. Neat, huh?

New articles[edit]

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Bruce Haynes (consultant)Draft as submitted to AfC
Steve McMahon (consultant)Draft as submitted to AfC
Mark SquierDraft as submitted to AfC
Purple StrategiesDraft as submitted to AfC
Rally.orgDraft as submitted to AfC
Guide (software company)Draft as proposed for review
Freddie A. LakerDraft as submitted to AfC
Apartment TherapyUserspace draft

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