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"You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you." - Walt Disney

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Name 1916Walker987
Country  United Kingdom
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Religion Atheist
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Well hello there, and welcome to my user page! Take a look around if you want, although forgive the fact that the page is pretty short, as I'm still working on it.

Me on Wikipedia[edit]

While I can't remember when I first found it, Wikipedia was something I'd used for a number of years before I created this account. For a long time I was never interested in creating an account, because I just felt there wouldn't be anything for me to do. Over the course of a few years I made a few edits anonymously, just fixing spelling and grammar issues, but I never made any real contributions.

Then, in October 2012, I made this account. I made it simply because I was searching random stuff one day when I found an article which didn't exist. To me, it didn't seem right to create a new page anonymously, so I made this account. It was a very basic start to the page, but it was something. I'd glad to say that article is still on Wikipedia, and other users have added to it, which is always nice. In the following weeks I created another five article, but looking back all of them were pretty poor editions to Wikipedia. In fact, three of them got deleted. The other ones were improved and are also still here, which is also very nice.

After a few weeks of editing, I just stopped. The effort of editing became a little bit of a chore, so I just left the account. It wasn't until ten months had passed that I came back just to see how the articles I created were doing. I improved them a little, and then found myself editing other articles as well. The next thing I know I've made 300 edits in less than a month. No longer was editing a chore, I actually found myself enjoying it. I've created a few new articles, and everyone of them has survived being deleted. This is mostly thanks to the fact I now know all how to create a decent article.

So, what am I doing now (besides writing this)? Well, I mainly work on articles in my comfort zone, such as video games and movies. I do try to work on other articles as well, however. I sometimes just click the 'Random Article' button, and if I come to a page which needs improvement, I try my best to make those improvements. Despite the fact my favorite subject is History, I rarely make edits to articles related to this. The reason is simply because I can't find any articles where I can actually make any decent improvements. I also make quite a lot of redirect articles, although I always make sure that they are relevant. It should also be worth noting that while I don't agree with vandalism on Wikipedia, I'm by no means the best person at finding it. Although if I do find it, I will remove it. It should be worth noting that while I'm not the most active editor on Wikipedia, I do check here everyday to see if any changes have being made to any pages on my watchlist. Anyway, I probably should stop writing this now and get back to making meaningful edits. See ya later!

Me On Simple Wikipedia[edit]

Recently I began working on Simple Wikipedia, although I am much less active than I am over here on the normal Wikipedia. My main focus over there is to create new articles that are missing, and improve other articles that are lacking in content. If you want to check out my userpage, click the link here.

Places I've Visited/Lived[edit]

Places I've lived or visited:
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Europe: Belgium BulgariaDenmarkEngland France Germany Italy

Netherlands Scotland Sweden Vatican City United Kingdom Wales

North America: Canada United States
Africa: Egypt
Asia: India Indonesia
Oceania: Australia