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You have reached the userpage of 1ForTheMoney, so welcome! True, it's not looking terrific, but it works. This userpage is designed with a simple layout - this is to ensure compatibility with all web browsers. If you are having trouble with a part of the userpage, don't hesitate to drop a note on my talk page. 1ForTheMoney

User links[edit]

Here are some links relevant to my account and my contributions. I don't put them here for any real reason, but you can see them if you like.

  • Want to discuss something on my talk page? - Click here
  • Want to see what I've been doing? - Click here
  • Want to see my edit counts (if you're curious)? - Click here

Policies and guidelines[edit]

You may find these links to important policies useful, as well as other useful guidelines. We don't ask you to read and memorise all of them, but if you understand what they're about you'll become a better contributor!

  • Assume good faith - It's often best to assume that another user's actions are being done with good intentions.
  • Do not bite the newcomers - Every newcomer is a potential contributor. They should be welcomed, not punished for innocent mistakes.
  • Civility and Etiquette - Being courteous with fellow contributors can make Wikipedia a nicer place to be.
  • Don't be a dick - This speaks for itself, but be careful about using it in discussions.
  • Ignore all rules - Wikipedia's most important rule, and the only rule you can't afford to ignore. But only invoke this with good reason.
  • Use common sense - When in doubt, consider applying common sense rather than rigidly following policy.

Current projects[edit]

I'm currently helping out with the following articles, listing the biggest issues. If you can help, please do so.

  • RuneScape - The main issues are listed on this to-do list. The article is moving towards Good Article status; you are welcome to comment at the article's talk page, or just edit the page if you want. Myself, User:Nolelover and User:Σ may be able to help you as well.
  • FunOrb - More references are required to expand the article, and secondary sources are needed to reinforce notability. Some content may be cruft, which would require rewriting/trimming to be considered encyclopedic. Currently aiming for C-Class and beyond.

Other tasks[edit]

There are currently 5,411,007 articles on the English Wikipedia. Whilst creating new articles is all well and good, we must never neglect the many articles which require attention and expansion. Many WikiProjects dedicate themselves to improving and maintaining these articles, but don't be afraid to help! Recently, I've taken to finding random articles to edit, by clicking here. Even if it's only adding a tag, I often find articles that haven't been edited in months or years. Such articles can't go unnoticed. Go ahead - try it and see where you end up!

Here are some typical tasks, which I sometimes like to chip away at. They're not contributing content, but they can help improve Wikipedia, or bring articles to the attention of editors who can help. You can help, too!

  • Adding WikiProject banners to the talk pages of articles that don't have them already. Adding an appropriate banner (or banners) brings articles to the attention of projects who might be able to help improve them. The main directory of WikiProjects is given here.
  • Adding infoboxes to articles. Infoboxes summarise key information within an article and make it easier for machines/external tools to reuse our data. A list of articles tagged as needing infoboxes are sorted by topic here.[1]


  1. ^ Don't forget to remove the |needs-infobox=yes or {{infobox requested}} tags from the talk page when you've finished!

Committed identity[edit]

Committed identity: cf57ff85ab686f4f72a8a37dc4ae90d7453cead85014e1614db6fcff4f08d1a149cbf66f7098532c8cc397a17c7e562f6506eb11194ddd3d0add40fa18a68b8a is an SHA-512 commitment to this user's real-life identity.